JibberJabber Over Iced Tea

 Here with iced lemon tea, and a bag on my head while baby's mama is showering and baby is sleeping.  Hello!  

The bag on my head?

Highlights.  Yep, I do my own highlights... my own everything when it comes to my hair.  Even haircuts.  About once a year or two, I'll try someone new to cut my hair and after they give me a "helmet haircut" a "Joan Jett circa 1982" haircut or a "Rachel" - I just shake my head and vow to go back to cutting it myself.  And I do.  I'm generally happy with the way I cut, color and highlight my own hair so it's all good.  Besides, I was in good company this year (2020) with EVERYONE doing their own hair.  Ha ha.

I did finally read the news today.  Was surprised there were no election results yet but yet... not really surprised.  I think I'm already over it either way.  As my favorite Uncle says;  "It is what it is."   

I think the bigger frustration for me and the bigger issue wasn't and isn't who wins as much as how the media is so overthetop biased in coverage.  Joe is a bad, bad man... not only a scoundrel, but his son and the photos of the little Asian girls, his step-daughter and his drugs on his laptop... the ties to China, the money laundry mess... oh my goodness.  But...  I need to not dwell on what I can't change.  But that was a much bigger issue for me than who actually wins.  I personally think Joe is on the verge of dementia and showing far too many signs of it... but again, I can't change anything so I just need to go on with my life.

Baby is starting to wake, his mama has just gotten out of the shower (she showers here after work before she snuggles with the little one and goes home - that way she's clean and Covid free before holding the babe) and I'm about ready to get in the shower myself to rinse the hair highlights out.

Did this post have a reason for being?  Nope.  Other than wasting time.... LOL.