Life is good and people are good... as long as you leave politics out of it! LOL. Chit-chat about anything and everything but politics.

I'm here!  Actually I've attempted to come to the blog and type a post four different times this morning but I either get pulled away for another task/person/something or I've typed out a post and decided to delete it.

Instead, I figured I'd just sip the rest of my coffee as it's getting cold... and type some chit-chat randomness over coffee so my coffee friends know I'm alive and well this morning.

I wanted to read the news this morning but at the same time, I didn't.  I hesitated even starting to go to any of the news sites because I knew it would all be filled with politics.  I want to be informed but 95% of everything in the news is opinion, guessing, projecting or yellow journalism.  

Why is it so hard to find objective, truthful, honest news anymore?  Crazy.  So basically the comic for today is quite fitting.  Not only to the news, but to pretty much everything and everyone right now.  LOL.

Another thought:  I think I've mentioned this before, but then again I've written and deleted so many posts, I don't recall.  But I know of a woman with 8 little ones who recently found out she has breast cancer, on top of some major medical issues her newborn little one is tackling right now.  

Following her story is actually a blessing because it allows me to step back from the crazy insane political circus we have and concentrate on what is truly important in life.  To remember that people everywhere are going through real life things and although the media would love for us to only concentrate on the hate, lies, and propaganda they are spreading...  real life, real people, real problems exist.  

It's such a relief to interact with people and have conversations about anything and everything not related to protests, politics, voting, blah....    when I get caught up in conversations with friends or even strangers be it online or in the stores while shopping etc, it's GREAT to realize we've been talking about normal, average, every day topics and none of us have even thought about the sewage spewing out 24/7 by our media.  So refreshing to talk about... anything and everything else.

Even if it's something 'bad' or 'stressful' we are going through, the good in people shows through.  We talk God.  Medical issues. Prices of groceries. Opinions on an item a random fellow shopper is questioning buying. Babies. Funny things their kids said or did.  Showing off photos of their pets.  Discussing recipes or menus.

Anything and everything but politics.  :)










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