My entire neighborhood is having issues with #FEDEX delivery... at least it's not JUST me, right?

Apparently my local FedEx woes aren't just me...  

Remember how I blogged about them leaving a package from Walmart, ripped open and wide open, in the street at 8:45 at night?  It was pitch dark!  They didn't even attempt to simply drive up the drive and put it by the garage, much less the door.  But I always track my shipments and watch continuously so I got an alert it was delivered; but when I was looking all over for it and couldn't find it, I walked down the long drive to the street and found it.

I put in a complaint - was told the guy who does that route (not my normal daytime FedEx delivery person but a second person on the route in the box truck instead of the regular FedEx van) would be put on a different route.

I think he was, as things were ok for awhile.  Then we ordered something and again; was told it was delivered - it was 8:30 pm and dark; NO vehicle came to the house at all.  No vehicle even stopped in the street outside our house.  So I went around the house - no packages - down to the street - no packages - at the mailbox in the street - no packages.

So I came back in the house and put in a call to the FedEx customer service number. 

I waited on hold, then got through to someone (who was working from home - I could hear the background) and as we were getting ready to hang up I saw a vehicle's headlights down at the street near my house.  

Sure enough - they delivered while I was on the phone with FedEx.  A full 20 minutes at least AFTER they lied and logged it delivered.  They also left it in the STREET.  No attempt to even come up the drive.  

After that I made sure to add 'delivery instructions' to my personal account with them that specifically say;  "DELIVER TO FRONT DOOR.  DO NOT  LEAVE IN THE STREET." 

We've had a few issues since then with 'undeliverable' and 'exception occurred' but for the most part it's been better. I also didn't have anything go missing... knock on wood.  But probably because I've not ordered anything anyone would want.  A toddler toy, a DVD set of The Office, some bar stools, etc.  The packages were ripped open, but apparently not anything my FedEx driver wanted to steal so I've been lucky.

I've already posted this weekend about the poor Walmart box that was delivered on the side of the road last Wednesday night (the night before Thanksgiving) and how it was dropped off by the FedEx truck ripped open and dumped.  We thought perhaps it was the neighbors whose driveway it was close to and didn't think much about it.  It rained and stormed that night.  The package stayed there and they put the box next to their trash for pickup Saturday morning.  But our trash does not ever ever ever never ever pick up anything that is not IN the waste container so it was left.

This morning - two days later - it's still on the side of the road, the packing material strewn all over and soggy from days of rain.

As I said - my particular deliveries have gotten... 'better' but apparently, my neighbors have not been so lucky.

I stumbled upon a conversation about our local FedEx delivery going on on our local city forum.

Someone posted photos of a bunch of boxes and orders from stores like Kohl's, Walmart, etc.  Not only delivered and left in the front yard of a random address (not where they were to be delivered) but also in the pouring down rain.  

Neighbors around here who find random deliveries at their home that are not theirs, typically try to contact the person who was SUPPOSED to have gotten the delivery and they deliver it themselves or arrange for them to come pick it up.   (Not like the lady who got two boxes of mine delivered to her and KEPT THEM for herself; apparently she liked the cute boots I had ordered.)

Anyway - so looking over my neighbors posts it seems FedEx, just in the last few weeks has been busy ruining packages, stealing packages, losing packages and just delivering them or throwing them out of the truck willy-nilly.

  • Some speakers were left in the street next to the mailbox... in the pouring rain.  Ruined.
  • They said they couldn't deliver to someone's house because Saturday the 28th was a holiday. ? Umm no it's not.  After she told them it wasn't, and that the postal service and UPS had no trouble delivering they changed their excuse and said "due to restrictions at the address, the packages cannot be delivered."  Well... there are no restrictions and they have delivered just fine every other time.  So... lies.
  • Two packages expected - only one delivered.  They apparently marked the other one undeliverable and sent it back.
  • 75% of another persons packages have arrived OPENED.  They were home when it was delivered and it arrives that way so she knows it was during delivery and not after.  (This is what I've found and posted about as well... all my deliveries for the past few months are opened and gone through before they deem it too boring to steal I guess.
  • Another has had all their packages for the past couple months delivered to the house across the street from them for no reason.  When asked, FedEx told them their address must not exist.  Hmm.  It does for everyone else and it did for FedEx until literally just recently.
  • Another family had their family members prescription medicine signed for BY THE DRIVER and left out in the rain.  Animals got to it and ripped it apart.
  • Another had their driver drive in and toss it out the window.  The person was there but is disabled, and called out to if they could bring it to the door?  The driver refused - having tossed it out the window, they drove off!  Better yet?  It was a delivery for someone ELSE.
  • Another person got a wrong delivery.  It was for an address 10 miles away.
  • Another had a large pallet of freight delivered.  When the FedEx driver arrived he was pushing the items off the pallet.  The customer asked him to use the lift - that was right there on the truck! And the delivery driver said no - unless the customer paid him $85 right then and there. 
  • Another also had their packages tossed into driveway or the street at night (like we did) and luckily she also was tracking the delivery so she was able to go 'search' for it in the dark.  Found it in the driveway - good thing since they would have driven over it had they not known it had arrived.
  • And finally, yet someone else that had a 'signed' package SIGNED FOR WITH ONLY INITIALS by the FED EX DRIVER and... stolen.  It was a TV. 










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