Our forefathers had the insight to build the electoral college into our constitution for a reason. And now Democrats wants to abolish it. Hmmm. Wonder why.

Ponder over coffee....  


I was just reading a news article on travel and a recent survey a travel site did of 3500 people under the age of 25.  33% of them had admitted they've never seen a cow in real life.  15% of them had never been outside of their own state.

This led to a comment from a man who went to a New York petting zoo years ago in which there were some little ducks, a foal and some calves.  A kid asked his Dad what 'that' was (it was a calf... that's a baby cow to any of my readers that don't know that) - and the Dad said, "I'm not sure. I think that's a horse."  So the commenter kind of stood around listening to the visitors going through the petting zoo and was aghast at how many had no idea what farm animals were which.

Another comment was on point when he brought up this is why we have the electoral college... because if we didn't, then states like California and New York - who have ZERO knowledge of life outside of their own odd little bubbles and no idea how the rest of America lives and works - should NOT be allowed to have control over the leadership of our country.  These are people who know taxis, subways, corner deli's and restaurants for all their meals.  They don't know what's like to live in a small town, to cook 3 meals a day at home, to do grocery shopping every 2 weeks at actual grocery stores and yes... live in the country and know what a cow, a horse, chickens and sheep are.  Not to mention tractors and gas powered vehicles (a nod to the crazies in CA who have made it their goal in life to make ALL vehicles electric only... which does NOT work for normal, regular people not living and existing in their tiny city bubbles).

We have so many varied lifestyles in America...  and farmers are the backbone of this country.  Their lifestyle is completely alien to people born and raised in the concrete jungles.  Our forefathers had the insight to build the electoral college into our constitution for a reason.  And now Democrats wants to abolish it.  Hmmm.  Wonder why.

No I don't.