Rambling Over Coffee: When buying Christmas gifts early to be 'done' comes back and bites you in the butt! LOL

Good Morning Coffee Friends -

Early Sunday morning.  House is quiet.  I'm alone with my thoughts.  And coffee.

I've got thoughts all over the place running round in my head.  Organizing my thoughts this morning is like trying to corral chickens.  I won't be chatting about 99.9% of them but a random 'silly' topic is Christmas.  And how shopping early this year came back to bit me in the rear end!  LOL.


Christmas. This year I felt really pushed to start Christmas shopping early for the 'littles'.  We have a semi-long list of family members so when I haven't started, I feel stress and anxiety.  This year I decided to get The Littles all completely done early so I only had to think about the adults.  Everyone would be driving here to celebrate so I wanted to be sure I had the gifts, decor and baking all done with as little stress as I could.  Hence; starting early.


Back in September and October I finished up all the little ones gifts.  There were a couple I wanted to check with our daughter (their mama) about;  and sure enough she said YES PLEASE because they had actually been asking for them.  One of those were scooters.  

So I got two scooters (for the two oldest littles) and a few other things.  But razors I'm mentioning because they are metal and a little heavy.  


One of them is really into music and movies so I got them a kids karaoke machine and sing-along-cd's as well.  

The other 'bigger' item was a bunch of Lego sets;  the 6 year old is just getting interested in Lego's so I bought a large classic kit for starters and then a couple smaller kits with the specialty pieces and a large box of one of the popular build sets.  A great, large set up of Lego's but they are so classic, creative and awesome that I figured he and his two brothers (and his uncles and parents) would all get a lot of use out of them. 


I got a few other things - like a large Fisher Price "farm" for the youngest one.  It's a large farm with bulky chunky animals and the farmer and accessories that are easy for a toddler's fingers.  It has large parts, does a lot of fun things.  An interactive "caring for animals" learning farm.

And after I got all the little's big gifts bought I relaxed.  A little less stress now that I could just focus on our older kids, in-laws, our parents...

AND THEN... plans changed due to schedules and they are now FLYING to visit.


With bag restrictions and weight restrictions, and the fact that they have to fly with 3 little ones under the age of 6.  Car seats and bags and snacks and luggage and gifts.


"The best laid plans...."  and all that.

They'll open them Christmas Eve at our home but I'm thinking I'll either have to invest in boxing up the large and heavy items and mailing them to their home later that week; or we put the gifts into an 'extra' suitcase and fly it home with them.  Except I'm concerned that a suitcase full of new Christmas gifts might not 'make it' in tact to the destination.  So many things go missing from luggage now-days as well as an entire suitcase that could go missing.

So we aren't sure yet but I just see the humor in the fact that trying to be organized and 'early' has once again bit me in the butt.



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