Thanksgiving 2020: I may make up a boxed meal for an elderly couple in ill-health now that it wouldn't be safe for them to join a gathering

I woke around 5:something o'clock but did a lot of 'trying to get back to sleep' before I knew it wasn't going to work so I prayed a little, had a hard time even concentrating on that so I just gave up and got up and brewed the coffee. 

Thought I'd come here and chat with you guys for a bit before I have to get dressed and head out the door. 

Thanksgiving?  Maybe not so much this year.

Most Americans are gearing up for Thanksgiving this week.  We aren't, really;  because I don't know if I'm hosting it or not!  LOL.  

I have a turkey thawing in the fridge just in case.  

it's not that I'm concerned about hosting family for a gathering due to Covid, it's just that we only have 1 family member that lives 'near us' now.  The other family members and extended family live 1000+ miles away. 

I had kind of/sort of planned to invite our daughter's in-laws and grandparent-in-laws this year.  But then... Covid.  

Her husbands grandparents have had some really horrible health issues this year and with Covid affecting the elderly, I had to toss that idea out the window.  The wife was in great health last year at this time but 2020 brought kidney issues and eyesight issues and within the last couple months she's had surgery, is now on daily dialysis and has lost her eyesight. 
Her husband has always had Diabetes but other than that was 'healthy'.  Now, his health is failing quickly as he's been struggling to care for his wife and I know he had surgery last month as well (although I don't know what for).  And, in all this, he's had to 'teach' himself to cook as it's never been a skill he's possessed before. 
For the past few years, even though we don't really 'know' them I've passed along large trays of Christmas goodies to them at the holidays (including some sugar free and low carb options for his Diabetes) and he's already been hinting to our daughter that he can't wait for her Mom's Christmas baking this year.... he mentions it all the time as no one on that side of the family really cooks or bakes. 

With that background in mind;  this is why I was hoping to invite them to Thanksgiving this year. 

But... Covid.  And with their health issues and age, they are in the prime demographic for it to hit them a lot harder than it does people under 70.

I know the wife has a sister that lives not too far away so perhaps they've already made plans, or already have a Thanksgiving meal planned but as I typed this out on my blog while sipping coffee, I've thought of another plan.  I could ask around to see what they are doing for Thanksgiving and then perhaps I could make up the meal here as usual, but box some of all of it up for them and send it to them through our daughter and son-in-law to deliver.  Since the husband can't cook and his wife now can't see and is essentially blind, if they don't have plans with their family, I know they would enjoy the meal. 

Typing out my random rambling thoughts on It's Just the Coffee Talking is mostly for my own benefit; but it also helps me think things out.  :)

Have a great morning - it's time for me to get dressed and rush out the door to start the day.

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