The baby is sleeping.

Mr. Coffee is 'off' today but went into town to buy some 2X4's for a project we're working on.  The house is quiet for a bit so although I have some tasks waiting for me... first, coffee.   

(And what goes better with coffee than blogging?)

I posted a quick post about the apparent coming shortage of toilet paper again.  LOL.  Oh for pete's sake.  It's just a 'run' out of fear... which I get.  But the fear is so not... real.  Because Covid numbers are 'rising'.  Gasp.  But Covid is just little more than a flu.  Bad for a few but mild for the rest and non-existent for most.  It doesn't even qualify as a real pandemic although in today's world words like pandemic, epidemic, viral, etc. have lost their real meaning and are used willy-nilly.  It garners more clicks on the news sites, which sells more ads and lines the pockets.

What we also have is a generation that not only likes to blow words out of proportion but thrives on drama, hasn't had a decent education with core classes and history taught but has gone to schools that count gym, sports, sex ed and fluff as counting towards graduation instead of history, economics, English and Mathematics; doesn't have a lot of self-discipline, is part of a 'me' generation that has grown up without having to actually work for anything and expects (and receives) almost everything instantaneous and usually handed to them.  We also have oddly started to take advice and act on what loud 17-25 year olds tell everyone to do.  How the hell did that happen?  At that age their brains are not even fully matured or developed!  That happens around the age of 25/26.  And honestly, I've found most people become a lot more human, intelligent and likeable right around the age of 26-28 so that makes sense.  Their brains finally catch up with their mouths.

(sipping more strong, hot, black coffee....)

Where was I going?

Oh.  So... yes, our world is changing of course... but in strange directions.

Venezuela comes to mind for many reasons.  Start to do a little research on their history, and then the changes through the last 10 years especially and then you'll understand why my mind went there when I think of our young people, idealizations, uneducated opinions and what I already see happening in the US.


Welp, I hear Mr. Coffee is home from errands and I need to start more of mine. 

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes.




....  it's just the coffee talking again.










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