The one in which I'm wearing Spanx under my pajamas....


Good Morning!

This morning I'm sitting here with spanx on under my pajama bottoms.  Crazy first sentence I know.  But here's the deal...

The night before last, I woke up during the night with the inside of my thighs burning and itching.  It was the seam of my fleece pajama pants irritating it.  I thought it was just because I must have been too warm under the covers so I uncovered, grabbed a book to read since I was wide awake, and later, fell asleep after a couple 'itch' sessions trying to find relief.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  I dressed in a hurry and through on skinny jeans (oh, they were in the photo yesterday of my cow apron).  Before I put the jeans on, I quickly grabbed the Benedryl 'Anti-Itch' spray that I keep on the counter because I get ate up by no-see-ums and mosquitos the second I walk outside so I always have at least 7-15 bug bites.  Even if I'm outside for just 45 seconds.

Anyway!  So I wore jeans all day and when I ran to the bathroom it was always in a 30 second 'get it done and get out' rush because I was busy with the baby and other things.  I didn't even turn on the bathroom light.  Just rush in, go and finish up and leave.  I never really looked at my thighs.

So it wasn't until I went to the bathroom last night after dinner that I wasn't in a hurry and didn't have to rush, and did actually look down... and saw my inner thighs full of bruises.  Oops!

I bruise easily.

Like a peach.

Seriously, I usually have bruises and I have no idea where they came from.  Sometimes I know (like when I hit the edge of the kitchen counter turning the corner too quickly) but usually, meh.  No idea.

But my easy bruising makes for some crazy bruises.

And when I itch my body more than a couple times in one spot, or I itch vigorously like in the case of a bug bite, an irritant, etc.  I bruise.  Purple, green, black bruises.  When I grab my upper arm to twist it around to look at a spot on the backside of my arm, or or shoulder... I leave fingerprint bruises.  That's how I've been for about 20 years now.  It's a thing.

My inner thighs had been sore and tender all day - and the seam of my jeans had rubbed on them, but not as bad as my pajama pants.  But by last night they were aching... and burning.  I sprayed anti-itch spray on them again and later, my husband was in the kitchen and I showed him my bruises.

As we talked about them, I realized he wears boxer briefs - which are the 'longer' tighter guys underwear.  Women don't really have that option except... with our 'under' garmets like spanx and girdle style.  And I knew I had one of those far back in one of my dresser drawers!

Last night I put up with the pain but by 5:00 am I had pulled off my pajama bottoms and tossed them out of the bed.  The seams on them had rubbed just enough during the night, and the temperature under the covers was just hot enough that my thighs raw.  By 5:30 my brain said "Put on the spanx!"  So I did.


Instant relief.

I even put the offending fleece pants with the wide, rough inner seam back on... and I can't feel a thing.

It's heavenly.

So here I sit, with tight spanx on, and while usually women complain about how uncomfortable they are to wear... I think, at this moment, it's the best invention since... well, anything.