There was a HUGE rally of patriotic Americans who love this country and everything it stands for and don't want to see it lost.... but did you see it on the news? PROBABLY NOT.

I swear, I need to change Coffee Talking to an impromptu podcast style blog... I just cannot seem to find the time to type out posts anymore like I want to - no matter HOW fast I type!  I have some awesome fun posts planned in my head but then I find myself rushing to post an entire post in about 6-8 minutes and nope... don't post any of the planned posts.  

Life.  Ya know it.

As a matter of fact, I think I first opened this editor to post at 8:00 this morning.  I've attempted to come back 3 times and here it is...  4:40 pm and I'm again attempting.  But my mind is not on posting... it's on the list of things I need to get done in the next hour or so... gah.

BUT let's do this thing.

COFFEE TALKING:  There was a huge huge huge rally today in Washington DC and OMG if you don't go digging deep you would never know it happened.  None of the candy-assed snowflake medias would even cover it.  And it is HUGE.  Seriously - I watched the video scans of the crowds and they just filled the streets for blocks... you couldn't see the end and it was a beautiful site.  People fighting for a country they love.  Fighting for truth.  Fighting against fraud. Fighting for an honest election because the 2020 election is fraught with coverups and hacks.  


Anyone can see, looking at recent history that when Republicans lose an election they suck it up and take it.  

When Democrats lose they scream, cry, need therapy, protest, burn things, loot, and get ugly and angry and do nothing but rip this country apart for 4 years.  

This time around Republicans would again have just pulled up their bootstraps and got on with it like they always do except....  it was all lies.  Joe Biden did not get the votes.  He did not win.  Start looking at all the information, facts, election official witnesses and whistle blowers; photos, videos and even the graphs showing when Trump votes were stopped being counted and boxes of Biden votes were secretly (and after allotted cut-offs) were snuck in.  Look for the social media videos idiot ballot sorters put out there bragging at the ballots they destroyed if they were voting Republican.  (Although many of them realized after the fact how stupid they were and quickly took them down or even shut down their Facebooks really fast once they started to go viral.)  This is not conspiracy theories... this is legit fraud on a massive level.

Just for 'fun' I went to 4 of the major news sources in America and of course they wouldn't cover it.  

 BUT do you see it on the main stream news?  Nope.  Like everything related to this fraud... they won't publish it.  YELLOW JOURNALISM.  I'm sickened by what journalism has become in this country over the last 18 or so years.

FRONT PAGES....   nope, not covering anything.


MORE COFFEE TALK:   Way earlier today (which honestly feels like a couple days ago by now) I went online to see what was in stock by way of household goods, groceries, etc. at my local membership stores before I ventured out to do our grocery and household shopping.

We need paper towels and I'm tired of finding them 'hit or miss' at our local Sam's and Costco.  Sure enough, out online but they always the style that public restrooms use for hand drying.  So today I decided to invest in a dispenser, along with a box of paper towels.  I bought the typical black dispenser (I'll put some links below this post so you can see what I'm talking about) and a box of paper towels - but I think I'm going to order one more dispenser in a different style as well;  that way I can put one in the garage (where I'm ALWAYS grabbing a roll of paper towels we throw on the shelf there) and one in the kitchen area. 



Husband is home... dinner to be made... and I have about 14 things on my own 'list' to accomplish before bed so I've got to stop here.  

Rambled and typed fast... eh, it's just the coffee talking again.

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