Traffic traffic everywhere....

I was in a rush this morning getting ready to leave the house as Mr. Coffee was home getting ready for work at the same time (which is odd).  I looked at the clock and realized it was 7:06 and I had to hurry!  So as I got ready and left the house, I absolutely was not thinking about it being election day.  Until I ran into the traffic jam literally at the end of my street.  Oh my!

It's a 2 way street but it was so backed up and for so long that the police were driving through announcing people who were not in line to vote were to go around traffic.  So as some of us pulled out to go around the bumper to bumper in lane, one lone truck was coming from the other direction (the police had blocked traffic in that lane further down for us) but he somehow snuck out or came from a private drive because there he was.  And he looked miffed that all of US were in his lane and he had to pull off and drive on the shoulder of the road.  

I put my window down as I passed very close to him (he was pissed and trying to block traffic with his truck) to tell him the POLICE WERE TELLING US TO DO THIS AND GO AROUND TRAFFIC so he would stop being angry at all of us and trying to play chicken... but his window was up tight and the scowl on his face said he wasn't interested in dialog.

So... whatever.  I went on my way. 

I had to bypass two poll places on my way... so there was some traffic; but oh how wonderful to see the long winding lines of people!  A beautiful sight.  On the way home I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for a bit, with a crazy hyper dog and a 5 month old baby but I had peace.  Didn't mind a bit.  (The irate tailgating b*tch behind me wasn't in the same calm place as I was... that was more than obvious!  LOL).   

Here I am... coffee in hand, baby next to me with his stuffed elephant and a sippy cup.  And... deep breath.

Let the day begin.