Where have all the friendly, chit-chat blogs gone? I don't want a fancy shiny magazine syle blog. Heck, I just want to chat over coffee like in the old days... of 2008. LOL.

Back in the early 2000's blogging was fun.  Bloggers were fun.  People were real.  They chatted.  Made friends. Blogs were about connections.  That changed.  Now, most of the blogs 'out there' are trying to look like a magazine.  Everyone wants to be an expert - even if they totally are sooo not an expert.  Their blogs are filled with photos they took with their $1000 cameras and they are trying to give advice on everything - admittedly most of them are doing it/trying it/making it for the first time but hey, they are suddenly an expert telling you how to do it too!

And everyone wants to sell fashion.  "The MUST HAVE clothing items for Thanksgiving!"  is one of the last headlines I read as I skipped from blog to blog to blog this morning trying to find some 'new' old ones to read.  I say 'new old ones' because although you can find blog lists, most haven't been updated the blog fad died out between 2010-1014.  Some held out and tried to stay in the ring through 2016 and 2017.  Others tried to dust off their 2012 blog in 2020 because they were home with the Covid quarantines and needed to fill time. 

A few years ago many of the Catholic Mom blogs I liked to read turned into fashion and homeschooling blogs.  A big thing was "WHAT I WORE TO MASS ON SUNDAY" with full fashion shoots.

I was sitting there wondering why they were putting more thought into their clothing choices and their family's clothing choices and doing whole family photo shoots showing off their kids "mass clothing" than they were putting thought into... well, the mass.

That's why I keep coming back here.

Chit chat over coffee.  Rambling about what-not.  Not trying to make my blog look like a magazine.  Certainly not investing time or effort into photos that look like a news site.  

I don't even know what I'll talk about when I open the post editor.  Unlike other bloggers I do NOT write my posts ahead of time in word and publish on a timeline.  I don't really edit them.  My 'edit' is when I publish it, go back later and skim read my blog while I'm sipping coffee and see typo's so I'll log back in and fix it.  Usually.

Sometimes I shrug and don't worry about it.

And my coffee cup is empty and cold... needs refilling.   I'll be back.

With coffee.




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