A post in which I lost count how many times I said the word Fuck. (I was reading some news headlines)

Pennsylvania reported 200K more ballots cast than the total number of people who voted...  add it to the list of states LYING THROUGH THEIR FUCKING TEETH.


IT IS HER FUCKING SISTER!!  She should be removed as a judge for this. 

SO FUCKING MENTALLY UNSTABLE.....  Creepy, sleezy, scammer pedophile family... and the man is seriously losing his fucking mind.

The main media outlets are totally, completely covering up ANY AND ALL TRUTH of this incompetent moron... un-fucking-believable. 

Hello???  Can news sources please COVER THE FUCKING NEWS?  This is IMPORTANT.  This is our country.  Our laws.  Our fucking election for the leader of the country.  STEALING IT - blatantly and in your face fucking STEALING votes.  RAMPANT ELECTION FRAUD found in 2020 and yet the liberal media is silent...

I wonder if even HALF of college students polled, people on the street were polled or heck, even high school students taking American History were polled... would know that Lincoln FREED THE DAMN SLAVES.  We went to fucking WAR because he fought for the rights of blacks to be free.  And yet fucked up Boston TAKES DOWN this statue because Lincoln was white.


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