An entire week now with no word from the post office where some signed documents we sent certified mail went after they left our local facility. POOF! They disappeared.


When you ask yourself, "Is it late enough that I can head in and get my jammies on and crawl into bed?"

And you look at the clock to see it's 6:50 pm.

Hmm.  Probably not.


Today I watched and waited for any updates to the documents we sent certified mail and return receipt... last WEDNESDAY.


They were scanned leaving our local post office that night (11/25) and they've never been seen... err... scanned, since.  They were supposed to have arrived (just 2 states away) by Monday for sure.  It's now Wednesday and night.

So this afternoon I had to email a service request to the USPS to see where in the heck our envelope is.  

(I'm signed up for tracking alerts... including any 'exceptions' as well as any and all scans along the way, day of delivery update, delivered update, etc.  but nope... silence.)  And my online tracking is what shows no activity on our signed documents since last Wednesday night when it left our local facility.


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