Another shipping issue arises... such is life I suppose.

Greetings and salutations my Coffee Friends!!

Some time later this morning after customer service hours start, I have to deal with Sam's Club on an order issue.  Not a big deal but it's not an easy deal I can do online.  I had ordered 2 car seats - one shipped - the other said a label had been made and was awaiting shipping by Fedex.  But then there were zero updates.  It was supposed to have been delivered yesterday but Sam's Club sent me an email saying:

Your items are delayed

Sorry, there hasn't been an update on your order from the carrier. If you don't get your order by Thu, Dec 10, please contact us. We can help replace or cancel your items.

I hit the contact button HOPING it was "click" option to either cancel that item, refund or just resend (it's still available for sale...) but nope.  That order was for TWO car seats and because someone had made a label for shipping it - it now says SHIPPED on the order so I have to talk to a human because my only clickable option is to start a 'refund' on an item I don't have.

My conundrum is that I really that one I chose, I'd like them to reship and it's not sold in their store... but will it make it in time?  I need 3 car seats to pick up family members at the airport on the 22nd. 

Or I have to just have them refund my order and I have to actually go shopping this weekend to buy one.  And club prices are better than store prices by an average of $20-40 for the exam same brand/model.  Decisions decisions.  But if I just go buy one at least it will be AT my house and I don't have to wait on delivery.  

We already have ONE MORE car seat coming by delivery TODAY (FedEx) which is 'on the truck for delivery' which I think we SHOULD actually get *unlike apparently 60% of my neighbors* because 

1. It's a big box that SHOWS it's just a boring old car seat so the driver won't slice or pull it open to search for contents to steal.  

2.  It's a CAR SEAT so unless they or a family member needs a car seat, the drivers shouldn't want to steal it.  

3.  I've had decent luck with my boxes not being left out in the street since I added the 'delivery order'  to NOT leave my packages in the street.  

Fingers crossed on that one.  

Out of 3 ordered I've received one, one is slated for delivery today and one is lost.


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