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It's Saturday morning my Coffee Friends!  That means I'm not trying to type at warp speed and rush to get dressed and hurry out the door on time.  Instead, it's 6:am and I'm on my 2nd cup of hot, strong, black coffee and I'm done doing a few things online and ready to chit-chat over coffee at the kitchen table.

Yesterday morning I had to do the dreaded "contact customer service" because they had sent me an email the night before telling me one of my items on my order wasn't going to ship.  If you read that post you know the mess that turned into because so many American companies use NON-AMERICAN customer service call centers.  

This is important to the story now (although I didn't think so at the time.  Normally it's just irritating  and frustrating as heck because they don't understand a dang thing you're saying unless they can find it on their little translation script of questions and answers).

As a side note - I know companies try to save money by building and hiring call centers in India or the Philippines - cheaper right?  But it isn't.  Because it takes 1 1/2 HOURS to get through the broken English and lack of understanding and the 'back and forth' of getting no where and OFTEN takes 2-3 calls on our end to call back and talk to other non-speaking English reps before anyone solves a problem.  

If we call a rep in the US they may be lazy or snarky or bitchy but they speak English.  Communication happens and things move FASTER because there is no language barrier.  So what took 3 calls to India and 2 hours to solve can be fixed/solved/answered by an American speaking English in say, 15 minutes.

TIME IS MONEY, PEOPLE.  TIME IS MONEY.  They could raise customer satisfaction scores, speed up phone calls, resolve problems in 15 minutes verses 3 hours and therefore; save money and improve their company's reputation.

Ok, sip the coffee.  Where was I?

My order was for 2 car seats.  Two different color choices. One shipped right away.  The other had the 'label created' information in a computer but no product yet.

I received one car seat. The 2nd one never had a label printed and was never shipped. 

The company SENT ME an email TELLING me to contact them to CANCEL my order or choose a REPLACEMENT product.

And the non-English speaking customer service rep was completely and utter clueless what that meant.

So 1 hour and 11 minutes later, after I refused to wait 'another 72 hours' and then try to contact them again (because she kept saying "missing a package" and "waiting for it to be delivered" and couldn't comprehend there is no package.  It never shipped.  I do not want to have to contact you again in 72 hours because there IS no product) I think she got tired of me repeating that HER COMPANY is the one who TOLD ME TO CANCEL the order... and she got a supervisor to refund me. 

Long story short - the supervisor put in for a refund.  But the lack of communication led to them refunding the whole order (both) instead of just one so... now I get to fight to GIVE them back some of my money.  How I'm going to accomplish this with the whole 'non-English speaking thing'  between us? LOL. 


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