Coffee Talking: Amazon security and news sources are talking about the $600 each American will be 'given' to help with Covid hardships but neglecting to mention the 2 BILLION dollars they are giving to other countries?

Coffee break!  Baby is down for a nap (albeit short I promise as he is teething again, big time!).

Random Chit Chat over coffee!

Our son flew home for Christmas last night.  He went online this morning to order a couple 'print now' gift cards from Amazon for his sisters. (He didn't want to order cards through the mail as he knows mail is uh... less than stellar on delivery right now...)  and figured it would be simple to order and print them out when he arrived at our home. 

Before my son could log into his account, Amazon didn't recognize my computer he was using, coupled with the fact he is 1000 miles from home so before he could log in, he had to input a code they sent to his phone.  

After he placed his order for his sister's gifts, the order confirmation says you can usually print in less than 5 minutes... but we waited and waited and it was still authorizing payment.

When his gift card order was still waiting to go about 15 minutes later, I suggested that maybe the second hold up was his bank;  that because he was far from home they might have stopped it from going through since they don't know he's traveling.  But he said no, just this fall when he traveled across the country on his 'national park' visits it was used with no problem.

So... we waited.  In the meantime he left to go see one of his siblings at their workplace.  During this time he got a security call from... Amazon!  They wanted to make sure it was him that placed the order.

KUDOS to them for this security!  Sure, it's a bit of a hassle but we are just happy they've implemented these security guards in place!

Once he spoke to them on the phone he was good to go.   

10 points to Amazon!*


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 *"points" reference is a joke honoring Whose Line Is It Anyway?  "Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything is made up and the points don't matter!