Coffee Talking: Empty Nests... it's not an empty nest until the kids get their crap out of the garage

Early in our marriage we moved every 2 years.  That stretched to 2-4 years, which works out great for keeping your home decluttered!  

I'm really organized anyway, but couple that with moving and relocating and it's organizational heaven.  

But with an economy and business culture that tightened their belts and stopped doing relocations so easily, we found ourselves in the last house for a crazy 7 seven years and our current home for 9. 

I've never in my entire life lived in the same house for 9 years.  Ever.

But I now have.  And things accumulate when you don't move.

During this time we had kids 'leave the nest' but obviously they don't have room for anything in college dorms so you keep it for them

And some kids going off to college beg you to please please please don't donate or throw out any of your furniture, coffee tables, end tables, beds or kitchen bowels, dishes and small appliances when you get new ones because they 'call dibs' on them and NEED THEM for their first apartment or home after college graduation.  It will save a ton of money and everything is in good shape so even though you are replacing things, you keep it for them.

And then some of them marry but are in rentals and apartments and so you keep it for them.  

And then they may get a first home but it's tiny so you keep it for them.  And although the kids slowly take things to their own places, they may live 1000 miles away and only see you once or twice a year and they fly, so they can't take much of anything back with them because... on a plane.

So you keep it for them.  

Another is renting their home right now and hope to move and buy a home within a year so... you keep it for them.

And couple that with NOT MOVING for 9 years, when you normally would have moved at least once, if not twice by now... so we have stuff.

Too much stuff.

2021 needs to be the year where get rid of 'stuff' and get the kids to get their crap out of the garage (and the closets) once and for all.














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