Coffee Talking: Instead of saying "Have a Nice Day" - say "Have the Day You Deserve". You know, let karma sort that shit out.


Although I like the sentiment behind the saying, I don't actually believe in karma.  

I wish I did... it would be helpful and nice to believe people get what they deserve. 

But... they don't.  

50 years of watching, learning, wisdom and life experience shows me that the saying that 'life just isn't fair' is more realistic.  Assholes, liars, idiots and thieves often get everything... and more... while the little guy, the nice guy, the honest, friendly, really wonderful person often gets crapped on time and time again.  

But I still like the saying.

Instead of saying "have a nice day" just say "have the day you deserve" because maybe that would make them stop and pause because I said something different from the norm; and they might THINK about what I said and perhaps, maybe, that person might ponder why I worded my greeting the way I did....   LOL.




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