Coffee Talking... It's 'Christmas' morning for us... but not until everyone is awake! AND - THANK YOU to all who have clicked through my page links!

It's Christmas in the Coffee Haus... a day earlier than some.  Due to work schedules and such, our Christmas will be this morning.  But I'm here with hot coffee, waiting for some of the crew to wake.

I was up early with the 4 year old and 2 year old... not sure who the instigator was but pretty sure the 4 year old woke the 2 year old and tried to get him out of his bed so he would have an accomplice... LOL.  I woke up to the 2 year old crying and the 4 year old with his hand on the door knob of the door as I was going in.  Ha ha.

We laid down in the big bed together and did a 'quiet book' together for a bit but then realized none of us were going to fall back to sleep so... it's morning time!  

I would like to first say THANK YOU to all/any readers who ordered anything through Amazon this year through my little affiliate links.  I write because I have a need to chat over coffee with someone (anyone!) and my husband isn't a talkative kind of guy; so the page would be here regardless, but when someone clicks through and buys something though my page from Amazon that they were already going to buy anyway, I make a tiny (itty bitt) commission.  It's not much - sometimes it's 4 cents (literally) but I'm thankful for literally every single $1 I may get.  Seriously.  So THANK YOU for those who go to Amazon for their orders through my page links... I appreciate every one of you.

The crew is waking... and my second cup of coffee is finished brewing.  Looks like we are ready to start our day and celebrate Christ's birth with our loved ones, sharing food, fun and presents to each other.

Have a good day!


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