Coffee Talking: stupid ass Santa making a little boy cry because he had the audacity to ask for... a Nerf gun (UPDATE ADDED 12/8)

This is all over the internet but if you haven't seen it... it's a stupid ass Santa making a little boy cry because he had the audacity to ask for... a Nerf gun.

You can find the video all over with a simple search but this particular source with photos is here. It could've been one of those cute videos a parent revisits frequently when the mood strikes because it automatically elicits smiles. After all, what could go wrong with your little boy asking Santa Claus for a gift at the local mall?

Well, a whole lot if the St. Nick your kid encounters is apparently of the woke variety.

What happened?

In the clip, a little boy sits across a table from Santa who asks, "What do you want for Christmas?"

The understandably shy youngster hesitates at first and looks down; you can barely hear what he's saying.

"You don't know?" Santa asks incredulously.

Soon the kid comes to life and begins to reveal what he wants. But Santa doesn't seem to catch what the kid says — then cocks his head to the side and utters a noticeably louder, "What?"

'No guns'

Apparently, the boy asked for a gun and Santa immediately shoots that down: "No guns."

The boy's mother quickly interjects that her son means a Nerf gun, but Santa is unmoved: "Nope, not even a Nerf gun."

Within a few moments the boy turns away from Santa and begins crying. At that point, his mom — who's holding an infant — comes over to comfort him. "Aww," Santa tells the boy. "Don't cry."

Mom fortunately tells her son that he'll still get his Nerf gun — no thanks to the guy in the red suit.

Yet others had little sympathy for Father Christmas:

  • "I don't agree with cancel culture, but in this case, that Santa needs a good firing," another user said. "At the stake. With nice dry wood."
  • "Rather than being a douchebag, all he had to do was tell the kid he's having trouble finding those and that he'll see what he can do," another commenter said. "He still gets to be clown and deny the kid, but the kid likely walks away without bursting into tears."
  • "I would have been screaming at him and demanding to see a manager if he had sent my son into tears like that," another person declared.



 UPDATE - 12/8/20



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