Coffee Talking: unfrosted cookies, my version of eggnog and whatever else comes to mind as I sip my morning coffee.....

Good Morning coffee friends!  

This year I've cut back on the amount of baking and goodies I'm making - which has been a huge blessing for me right now for many reasons.  I'm not in the mood; and the baby doesn't allow me much free time to immerse myself in projects that take an hour or two at a time!  

I'm still not a big 'decorating the cookies' fan so although they were cut and baked last week, I have to get them decorated... and I did a little bit of that last night before bed.  

I have a whole container of unfrosted cookies to get to either today or tomorrow... and I have 3 more recipes to make.  I'd skip them all together because... ugh... but one is 'peanut blossoms' which is a HUGE family favorite (not mine) and my kids and husband would be oh-so-sad; a second is a no bake cookie that I (oddly) love even though they are made with cocoa and I hate chocolate?  The last ones are my favorite; labor intensive and they smell up the house as they have to be fried...  Rosettes.  A traditional Christmas Eve goodie I grew up with on my Swedish side of the family.  I love rosettes because they are not sweet, not frosted - just a crisp pastry - and I can eat 10 of them in a row!  ha ha.

This weekend is crunch time for Christmas...  are you ready?  As much as I do NOT want to be 'out and about' this weekend, I do need to buy gift yet that I've just not gone out and got yet and I need to pick up eggnog.  One of those things that is a tradition and 2 family members absolutely love 'my' version of;  which involves eggnog but is really just whole other drink in the end that just has eggnog 'in' it.  LOL.

I had much to chat about this morning that had NOTHING to do with cookies or eggnog... and I did have a bunch of things typed out but in the end, just deleted and went with cookie and eggnog talk.  But now it's time for the baby to have his morning bottle and hopefully (?) go down for a short nap!

Thanks for popping in... I'll try to come back with fresh coffee later this morning!





Norpro Rosette/Timbale, 7 Piece Set

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