A couple years ago I bought the entire FRIENDS dvd series to take with on a camping road trip. When you are in the middle of no-where, in a tent, with no electricity, facilities, etc. for a couple weeks at a time, it's nice to pop a dvd in to your laptop and wind down before bed.  

I re-watch the series once in a while and last night I finished the final episode... again.  I'm still struck by what a great series that show was.   Still popular today even with people who were literally just being born around that time frame.  My kids included!  My kids are in their 20's and quote the show, have coffee mugs and t-shirts and pajama pants with the FRIENDS theme.  

I didn't start watching The Office until...  last year? When my son insisted I give it a try.  I hated the first couple episodes but he made me promise to give it at least a couple more episodes and swore it got better.  It did.  (Well until season 7, in which it went to crap after that....) but I liked it well enough to buy the dvd series set this summer/fall.  I knew my son would love it as well so I ordered another copy of the series for him for a Christmas gift.   

Big Bang Theory I didn't know existed until it's 5th season.  I saw a clip online of an interview with one of the actresses.  The clip they showed in her interview looked funny so I looked it up.  Loved the show and ended up binge watching and buying the complete series.

Having these on hand during 2020 quarantines has been great!  LOL.  When you want to avoid the hate, lies and crappiness of the internet and social media, but you don't watch TV and you aren't ready to start reading for the night yet (I read for at least an hour every single night before bed without fail) dvd's are awesome to have on hand.  

And when the power goes out from a storm, and you are sitting in darkness for a couple hours... you can throw one into your laptop and watch.  :)




You might be interested in some of the products I mentioned in this mornings post; available through Amazon - (and some of them through Walmart and probably Best Buy too).


  Friends: The Complete Series    




The Office: The Complete Series - Boxed Set - American Version - DVD 





The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series (DVD)