FedEx and USPS are not taking any responsibility for mis-delivered or stolen (by their drivers) packages: they just tell you to contact the sender/retailer - this is not ok.


This little icon of me this morning is much more positive than I really am.  I posted in the past about my awful bed pillows and my search for a good one over this year; but after my last trial purchase a few months ago I've not really had money to spend on a pillow so I've made due.  And... ouch.  Oh... ouch.  Last night was a tough one and I've woke with a wicked headache.  But... life goes on!  Caffeine does wonders for headaches.

I know everyone is having a heck of a time with deliveries this year...  I am hearing and reading some horrible stories.  One of the things I don't like seeing is that all the delivery companies are now pushing responsibility back on the sender/seller.  Zero responsibility for lost or stolen packages that THEY lost or stole;  everyone is told to contact the seller to have them send again or put a tracer on it, etc.

The problem I have with that is so many times it IS the delivery drivers doing it.  I've seen this first hand myself with the thugs contracted to do ground delivery.  Many people in our area and our city are as well. The reason it's frustrating is that people have SECURITY CAMERAS NOW and can prove no delivery was made, or even attempted.  Or the delivery driver leaves it in the street - which, where we live, many people can't see the street/mailbox from their homes because of the way our drives are or the trees.  The delivery drivers in our area were opening boxes to see if anything was worth stealing - and if not - leaving the opened boxes at the street/driveway area.  This way they can say it's delivered but also can blame 'anyone' on opening and stealing the contents.  But again... they forget how many people have security cameras now.  (This is how I knew about them doing this to two of our packages - you can see them tossing the open box out at the street mailbox area of a busy road).

Anyway!  I didn't mean to chat about that, but I read even more people missing packages and how horrible the companies are being and how they are lying.  People had their medicines lost/damaged, birthdays missed, packages stolen, delivered 10 miles away to other addresses but marked 'delivered' on the company paperwork.

My own area has local message forums where everyone has taken to trying to get peoples packages back to them when they are found delivered wrong or people will put out an SOS on their packages FedEx and the USPS say were delivered and wash their hands of it... so people are posting "Help!  Did anyone get a package for Mary Smith on Bell Rd?  FedEx says it was delivered on my porch but I have a doorbell camera and no one came today..."  type things.

My readers know our two signed legal document parcels sent November 25th and December 4th STILL have not made it to the business (just 6 hours away if you were to drive).  But my daughter and my husband both ordered gifts that are 'arriving late' and may end up lost as well.  Fingers crossed they arrive at all.


My time was up 4 minutes ago!  LOL.  Time to rush to get dressed, some hair and makeup done and get out the door in 7 minutes.  

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