FedEx is currently winning the 'delivery' saga verses USPS screwing up (and completely losing documents) twice.... FINGERS CROSSED the end of this saga is near


Heeyyyy sleepy head!

Oh wait, that's me.

Yeah... almost zero sleep last night.  Maybe 2 hours broken up here and there.  That's about it!  So I'm sporting a whopper of a headache this morning.  Hopefully my 2nd cup of strong, hot coffee will cut through it.  (Caffeine is good for headaches).

I know my Coffee Friends are probably tired of our document saga but for those wondering... our packet of signed documents is currently in a 'sorting facility' at least in the correct state.  I've been able to log into FedEx and actually see REAL updates;  scanned with time stamps and cities.  NOT the 'fake' computer update USPS was giving me with a generic "still arriving, transporting to next facility".  With no actual facility name, town, time or... well, anything.  Because they were all fake.

The last real scan we had on (2) packets of documents through the US Postal System was that had left our local facility.  They never appeared anywhere after that and are 'still arriving' according to the tracking number.  (One arriving 11/29 and one arriving 12/9).

FedEx is currently still on target for delivery this morning by 10:30 am.

Fingers crossed.  It's not the end of the document road... it will be 2-3 weeks before we know if it was even worth it, but we had a time limit of when the documents had to be in hand and tomorrow is the limit.

(What they are doesn't really matter...  Coffee Talking is just where I've been documenting the CRAZY and LAZY and INCOMPETENT US Postal System...)  


Although FedEx and UPS have had their issues in our part of the country as well and currently there is a huge influx of "missing" FedEx packages in a little town near me....  all pointing at their delivery drivers (again).  Similar to what ours did from August through November; going through boxes before delivery to see if it's something worth stealing and covering their tracks by tossing the boxes into the street (opened) and saying they were delivered to the house.  Screws the homeowner over in every possible way as no one takes responsibility for it.


 ... UPDATE:  and we have a delivery notice!   Signed for and delivered.  


USPS - NEGATIVE 2   (still in transit to the next facility... since 11/25)



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