Has 2020 slowed your lifestyle down enough that maybe the true meaning of Christmas shined through this year?

In this weird 2020 universe of social distancing, quarantines, not going anywhere, not shopping and 'everything different' - I also happen to live in a part of the country that doesn't get much snow so other than some white frost a few mornings, I've not had the white stuff that ALSO goes hand in hand with signaling the Christmas holiday....

It could be October or November for all I know...  the days just seem to run together but don't actually exist.  Seriously... NOVEMBER in my head.   Third week of November feels about right.

But yesterday I had a little wake up call:  NEXT WEEK IS CHRISTMAS!  That was a bit of a shock.
2020 has just made everything so weird... coupled with the non-snow weather where I'm at and of course not having elementary aged children around our household anymore means we don't have kids to ramp up the holiday nor do we have Christmas events like concerts, dance recitals, visits to Santa, etc.  

Mr. Coffee and I decided not to really decorate much this year because... who would see it or care?  We decided one big tree in the living room would be 'easy clean up' when Christmas was over.  My baking has been coming along slowly... scaled way back from previous years.  

On one hand 'Christmas' as the usual hectic, busy, rush and crazy holiday is non-existent this year...

But on the other hand, the true meaning of Christmas is actually EASIER to find.  When you take away the parties, the concerts, the school events, many church events, hustle bustle, busy crazy part of the Christmas season you are left with... your own family.  Quiet.  Time.  Relaxed smiles.  And... it's easier to remember WHY we celebrate Christmas.

2020 has slowed many people down enough that they can remember what Christmas was all about in the first place.

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