If you see your glass as half empty, pour it into a smaller glass and stop bitching. Random Coffee Talking over an afternoon coffee break.


Cranky Mr. Bossy Pants is down a nap and honestly I don't know how long he'll stay sleeping (probably not long) so I'm not comfortable getting to a task that I'd have to stop in the middle of.  

Instead I paid bills online, renewed our AAA membership, I ordered 2 car seats, wrote another email to the US Post Office begging them to try to find our missing documents mailed November 25th that have zero scans or updates or can even be found after they left our local post office at 6:15 pm.  

I'm pretty sure I'm going to grab a couple gifts and start a little Christmas present wrapping as I can stop that if Mr. Bossy Pants wakes up.  


But first... coffee.


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