It's Just the Coffee Talking Again... Delta leaves my son stranded overnnight at the airport on Christmas - Merry Christmas 2020 right? LOL.

My second coffee in hand, it's the morning after Christmas (Boxing Day) and the clock isn't yet even to any number that starts with a 7 so it's nice and quiet.  

Yesterday our first family member that had to fly home started his trek at 4:30 am.  

Unfortunately for him, the second family member that left 4 hours later, had finished all their flights, home, celebrated 'Santa' had came while they were gone, opened their gifts, ate dinner, played with gifts, watched a movie and went to bed even before the first member had been able to leave the 3rd airport of the day.

Yes, that poor family member got stuck in an airport... on Christmas Day. 

He arrived at the 3rd airport of the day just after NOON. His flight was at 4:30 pm - which was a bad enough layover but finally, after they boarded, they were told to get off the plane to wait while it was repaired; then told a part was frozen, couldn't be repaired and the flight was now delayed until 7:00 am the next morning.  

No offer of a hotel voucher, no meal voucher, no help at all;  just an announcement at 4:30 pm that their flight was now delayed until 7:00 am the NEXT DAY.  

Merry Christmas, right?

He was about 2 1/2 hours from his home and although they had a blizzard 2 days earlier, the interstates were clear and he had a really awesome neighbor/friend who although was at Christmas celebrations with their own family 3 hours away, LEFT to drive to pick up my son and bring him home so he didn't have to live and sleep in the airport for another 15 hours on top of the 12 hours he had already spent in airports and traveling.

His original flight is supposedly taking off right about now....  so final travel would have been about 26 hours to go about 1000 miles.  



Off to get more coffee and such... I'll be back though as it's Saturday, the day after Christmas, I'm not going anywhere or doing anything today that I know of (except maybe finishing picking up boxes and taking down the tree?)




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