It's just the coffee talking at 4:30 am.... another USPS update on the documents; and the state of Massachusetts has declared a 16 year old can have an abortion and parents don't even have to know


Woke at 4:30 am - partly because I've got things on my mind and a bit of stress going on but another issue right now is the placement of the moon.  This week it's in the exact, precise spot around 4:00-5:00 am to shine through the (closed) slats of my bedroom blinds and shine down on me like a brilliant spotlight.  

I thought I'd just 'ignore' it but that's not working so well so I'm thinking I may go all redneck trash this week and hang a towel or a sheet over that window until the moon has moved on.

Did you all read that the state of Massachusetts has just decided a 16 year old can have an abortion without her parents knowing or giving consent?  Ponder that over coffee for a bit.   

Do some research on parental responsibility laws and what parents are legally required to do for and are responsible for legally without huge ramifications and then think about the fact that the state now just gave a 16 year old kid the right to have an abortion (a medical procedure in which their child is undergoing) and her own parents don't have to be told or give consent. 

Never mind the emotional and mental issues that could arise from making such a huge life changing choice of killing a tiny human being - 16 year olds are still childlike themselves in their maturity and literally - their brain maturity.  This is a full 15 years before the human brain even matures.  (The adolescent brain does not have cognitive control, and is more influenced by emotions, rewards, and social acceptance when it comes to making decisions. Intelligence also peaks during early to middle adulthood, roughly ages 25 to 60.)


 My Dad's birthday was this week but because of the delivery issues the country is going through this month, there was NO WAY I was going to put his gift (a book) into the US Postal System the week before Christmas.  If I did, it may disappear completely or be delivered next February!  

So I waited and mailed it on Saturday morning - the day after Christmas.  I sent it the cheapest way;  printed and bound material/media rate, ($3.85 verses the $13 it would have been had it not literally been just a book - you can't have a letter, a greeting or personal message to send at the printed/bound/media rate).   

The tracking told me it would take 1 week for delivery.  I mailed it Saturday the 26th and it was estimated to arrive Saturday, January 2nd.  No worries.  It was a birthday gift but my Dad would appreciate me sending it the cheaper rate far more than he would have getting it on time (Monday).  It was traveling about 1000 miles.

And... it arrived on Tuesday morning!  It was the morning after his birthday so it was great timing.

What is funny-not-funny is that the signed legal documents we sent in the US mail on December 5th - traveling just 6 hours away - STILL HAVE NOT MADE IT.  

The documents mailed 2 day priority delivery on December 5th are STILL not delivered and it's December 30th.

(Far too late now... I'm watching for entertainment purposes at this point.  We gave up on the USPS on December 9th and mailed them overnight delivery with FedEx to get them there on time.  They did.  We are just watching now to see how long it takes the US postal system to actually deliver documents that were only traveling 6 hours away.)


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