It's Just the Coffee Talking... Christmas Morning and sooo quiet in the Coffee Haus! (Plus a link to one of my favorite gifts this year)

Good Morning!

Most of you are having your Christmas morning traditions right now.  We actually drove our family members to the airport this morning for their flights home!  Our Christmas was yesterday due to everyone's work schedules and flight availability.

We made our first trip to the airport this morning around 4:30 to drop off family member number one.  Later, we dropped the second group off around 8:30.  We all knew it probably be pretty quiet there with Covid fears and random city/state regulations keeping so many people from flying, but we still planned to leave enough time 'just in case'.

It wasn't needed.

Our daughter and her family pretty much just walked through security and then she sent a video... not a single soul in the halls... not a single soul in any of the gates.  


This sure makes flying with little ones easier.... but even so, we all can't wait until the fears of Covid have passed and everything opens back up and we can get back to normal.  Businesses are suffering and need to be open!

This morning everyone has either returned to their own local home or are on flights to their respective homes and our house is quiet.... messy and empty but oh so quiet.  We miss the hullabaloo!  But so thankful we all got to see each other.

This year one of our kids got me a digital photo frame... one of things you don't know you need until someone gives you one.  Ha ha.  I love it!  Easy to set up, easy to share the link to family members so now they can send photos directly to my frame from wherever they are.  I'll link to it below the post.  

We have leftover cookies and goodies that I'm not sure how to get rid of as we are anxious to get rid of all the unhealthy Christmas foods and get back to normal eating... if you were all here having coffee with me in real life around the kitchen table I'd be sending you all home with a huge tray of goodies!

One of my favorite gifts this year.....

Brookstone PhotoShare Smart Digital Frame



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