It's Just the Coffee Talking... evening chit chat; Found vanilla pudding for the first time since Covid shortages, The Rainforest Survivors (book), and Snowstorms!

It's been a long lazy day here in the CoffeeHaus.  

I did head to Walmart early this morning to get the eggnog and the last gift I needed.  My traditional eggnog recipe uses a box of vanilla pudding in it, which I was sure I wasn't going to find, as I've not seen sugar free vanilla pudding since last March or April.  During the Covid-19 shortages, jello and pudding became elusive and even after some flavors found their way back to the shelves, I still hadn't found sugar free vanilla at Walmart nor Publix Grocery Stores as of last month (November) for Thanksgiving.  But I checked today 'just in case' and it was there!  

I'm hoping I still have amaretto up in the cupboard as it calls for that as well... 

This afternoon I spent a little time just enjoying the quiet and reading.  I was cold and tired so laying under a fluffy comforter with a book was exactly what I needed/wanted to do.  I'm currently reading The Rainforest Survivors: Adventures Among Today's Stone Age Jungle Tribes - which is really quite good.  It's an easy, simple read but interesting, and I'm learning new facts I didn't know before, and even learned of a new tribe I'd never heard of before.  I'll link below if anyone is interested - I have it on my Kindle app from Amazon but you can order it in print too.

Sadly, I'm on the last third of the book so I'll probably end up finishing it tonight and I wish it were longer with a few more tribes.  LOL.  Again, it's just an easy read that is also interesting.

Yesterday I read a news story about a guy who drove off the road in the snow, but then a snowplow came behind, covered his car with snow and he was trapped for 10 hours.  

Reminded me of 'back home'... which I Do Not Miss.

Not one little bit.

Memory Lane

I've posted these before but these are photos from where we used to live.

We grew up in this area of the country.  This was life every fricken winter - except when we got lucky some years and it was a 'mild' winter in which we would only have 6 foot snow drifts instead of 15 feet snowdrifts.


I'm a person who is cold... always cold.  Even now, honest to God I have a space heater at my feet, a flannel shirt and sweatpants on.  I even use a space heater in August because everyone else wants air conditioners on... and I freeze.  I get into my car after it's been parked in the sun, on 100 degree days and I sit there for a full minute just soaking up the heat.

So, life up North for me was hell.  And I was born into it - STILL hated it. 



It's now after 7:00 pm... have I wasted enough time chit chatting that I can legitly head to bed to read and not seem like a 106 year old women (because honestly I was ready for bed 6:15 tonight!!!).

I'll see ya in the morning over coffee - fresh, hot and black.

And here is the affiliate link for that book I mentioned......




"Even in our hyper-connected world, there are tribes scattered across the far reaches of the globe who still live much the same way that their ancestors did thousands of years ago. Having had minimal contact with the outside world, these peoples currently live in harmony and unison with the environment around them. But as technology grows and the human population expands, the way of life of these tribes becomes increasingly threatened with every passing day. 

In The Rainforest Survivors, veteran overseas reporter Paul Raffaele recounts his time spent with three unique jungle tribes—the peace-loving Congo Pygmies, New Guinea’s tree-dwelling Korowai cannibals, and the Amazon’s ferocious Korubo. Over months spent living in these three communities, Raffaele experienced firsthand wisdom and mysterious rites forged over many millennia."