It's Just the Coffee Talking - random coffee talk at the kitchen table - UPDATE on the US Postal Service delivery for our 2 day delivery Certified Mail (mailed 12/5/20)

The package of documents mailed USPS "Certified Mail" with 2 day delivery on December 5th 
is still in transit December 26th.

I attempted to log in to request a refund and funny-not-funny... it was denied!  LOL.  Without explanation either.  Just a big red DENIED on the claim.

Needless to say I wasn't in a trustworthy mood to let them deliver anything... so although my Dad's birthday is in a couple days, I refused to send his gift until AFTER Christmas.  Hoping (?) that perhaps they can't use the 'we're so busy' excuse and it will actually get to him.  Better late than never. I will probably head to the post office to mail it today.

To that similar topic;  our town residents took it upon themselves to try to get packages to the right owners this year.  

With FedEx, UPS and USPS screwing up, stealing items and throwing them out of the truck in the middle of nowhere, most of the people gave up fighting to find their packages or return wrongly delivered and we started to see posts pop up on local message boards searching for rightful owners.

Other towns around the area have joined in as some of our packages have been delivered to random addresses in other towns.  One post on Facebook was someone who lives 10 MILES away.  So seeing a post "Does anyone know Jane Smith on Blue Bird Ave?  I have her package."  Or "Joe Smith, I had a large box delivered to my house today but it's for you.  I live at 2020 Blue Bird Ln.  if you want to stop and get it." 

Some of the packages left were empty boxes (stolen TV by the delivery drivers).  Some packages were thrown into the yards and ruined by rain or in one case, dogs;  who chewed up the contents, which were prescription medications for their child.  

A THIRD side-topic on this topic...  

I've mentioned over the past couple months the packages that have been delivered sliced open by the delivery drivers, rummaged through and if not anything worth stealing, they'd leave in the street, or by a curb next to a mailbox.  Some were tossed on the side of the road miles from their destinations.  Door bell cameras and security cameras have captured delivery drivers doing this... tossing boxes out of a moving truck, etc.   

More frustrating is when the delivery driver marks them DELIVERED on the paperwork but they literally NEVER delivered them.  Not only are people home during this time and no delivery driver even drove in the drive or by the house, but again, most of us have cameras.  We can SEE that no delivery was made!!!  But FedEx, UPS and USPS area taking no responsibility.

Instead, you are told "it says it was delivered.  You'll have to contact the sender and have them resend it or have them try to track it down or buy a new one."

SERIOUSLY.  This is what they are doing.  When THEY lost, mis-delivered or stole it.

Now here is a not-funny side topic to THAT topic.

Many of the Amazon, UPS and FedEx 'ground' delivery people (the ones doing the deliveries in the rented trucks, or plain white box trucks, etc) are on probation or parole.  Yep.  How is that for a fox guarding the hen house?  Someone I was speaking to about awful delivery issues this year  had remarked during a conversation (about the deliveries being stolen, riffled through or tossed willy-nilly on the road side) happens to be a probation officer and mentioned many of the people on probation worked as delivery drivers for these companies.

This reminds me of a friend who was in the military and she and her family had moved a long distance cross country relocation from California to Tennessee.  Their things had been gone through, many broken or disappeared completely and then some of their boxes were held for 'ransom' by the movers;  mainly the ones that held photo albums and family documents.  When they were trying to fight to get their items, they found out the military had hired prisoners on work release as movers!  This was many years ago and they were having a lot of issues so I can only HOPE that is no longer procedure.


I suppose it's time to close out this blog post...  I've chatted long enough about this topic, ha ha.  You know though;  it's just the coffee talking again.