It's just the coffee talking....



It's New Year's Eve!

I haven't decided what I'm going to wear to the living room yet.  Heck, I might not even go.





#2020 has most people in a haze over what day it is anyway but the week between Christmas and New Year's makes it even more blurry.  A great example of this was talking to my daughter last night when she realized today was New Year's Eve and she had a small moment of freak out.  You see, she and her husband are having friends over tonight and neither of them realized today was New Year's Eve!  Rushed house cleaning and cooking will commence.

But wait, it gets better.  She then got ready to leave and said she'd see me Monday.  

I asked, "Don't you mean Saturday?"  She looked confused.  "No?  Why?"  "Oh, aren't you coming over for your birthday then?"  "Wait!  What?  My birthday is SATURDAY?"  

Oh 2020....  boy have you messed with everyone's heads.  We don't even know (or care) what day it is anymore!  They all just run into each other.


I need more coffee.  Imma just going to hit publish now and come back for coffee later, when everyone is awake.  It's still pretty early round these parts!



Poodle Exercise with Humans


Yes, you are seeing this correctly.  It's poodle exercise... with humans.  You're welcome.

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