It's Just the Diet Coke Talking... (instead of Coffee Talking)

Those who have kids know that weird time lapse when your child is either sleeping or gone and you are expecting them to wake or come back any second, so you aren't really sure WHAT to do.  That's me right now!  

When he went down I was able to grab something to drink - didn't want any more coffee, wasn't really in the mood for tea, almost chose some Limitless Water (caffeinated sparkling water) but then remembered... for the first time since our family vacation in July I bought Diet Coke because we have family coming this week for Christmas.  That sounded good!  Rare... but I like it once in a while!

I whipped up a double batch of homemade rolls that are rising... my soda is gone and I hesitate to start ANY task because I know the baby will be up any second.   :)

I remember when my oldest kids were itty bitty and went to a Mother's Day Out preschool program at a local church for 2 1/2 hours.  I'd spend the first 30 minutes driving home.  I'd waste my entire 1 1/2  hours 'free' wondering WHAT I should do with my free time!  LOL.

Do laundry... look at the time.

Try to take some 'me' time and read but spend the whole time antsy and looking at the clock.

Plan dinner?  Antsy and anticipate having to leave.

Before I knew it I'd have spent an hour wondering how to spend my hour!  And soon it was time to get back into the vehicle to go pick up the kids.  Ah... life is funny some times.

I am happy I got bread dough rising (2 rises and then I shape and bake) and in the meantime now I'm watching him on the baby cam and he keeps waking a little bit, lifting his head, putting it back down and drifting.  

Rinse and repeat about once a minute...

So of course I'm sitting here randomly blogging about it... because I have to 'waste' time while the baby is waking but I can't actually DO ANYTHING because, well, the baby is waking!  Ha ha.






I don't think I know my church anymore.