Live blogging while doing an online 'chat' with customer service with Sam's Club.

Live blogging while doing an online 'chat' with customer service with Sam's Club.  

(This is not our whole conversation but I'm going to cut and paste parts and bits of it for those of you who like to read transcripts of the hell that overseas customer service is...  Ha ha)

Adding to make this clear:  I got an email FROM Sam's Club last night that literally told me to contact them to either get a replacement or cancel this order. This wasn't me complaining about a lost package.  This was an order for a car seat that literally can't/won't be fulfilled.  Sam's wanted me to contact them to either cancel or choose a replacement.


I told her that right off the bat - first opening information.  It took about 15 minutes of back and forth when she told me a label had been made online but it looks like it never shipped.  I told her "I already told you that...."  So you can see... this was a painful conversation on my end.  Ha ha ha.


Note:  A lot of oddly worded grammar and OVER USE of the polite "we're sorry" "I will be happy to help" phrases when not needed and not appropriate.  LOL.  A pretty sure sign of a non-English speaker.

All 3 of these in a row...  none of which were part of the immediate information before them.  LOL.

  • I'm glad to assist you with your order that you did not receive. 
  • I appreciate the information that you have shared 
  •  I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

WHY, for the past 20 years that the US has switched to using customer service call centers in India, Pakistan, Philippines, - they are all NAMED JESSICA.  From computer companies to retailers, club warehouses and even my car dealership... they all are named Jessica.  Ha ha ha.  

(This part is sooooo NOT ok.)

With that being said, here's what I can do for you, I will partner with one of our colleague and call the Vendor and will provide you an email update within the day.

"With that being said?"  LOL.  Odd sentence and again - not really appropriate to the sentence previous.  AND that should be "colleagues" plural and also... who says that?  NO ONE IN THE US.  And since when in all of God's green earth - even when it's NOT the holidays and it's NOT 2020 with quarantines... when has a vendor EVER gotten back to someone with an email within 1 day?  Or... ever.  She just wants to push it through to a 'vendor'.

ME:  So how about we cancel and REFUND this one.   It will be clear and clean with less chance of screw ups.  Cancel this and refund the money.  I will buy a new one myself.  It will be easier.
Jessica: I appreciate the information that you have shared.

She appreciates the information I have shared?  OH FOR PETE'S SAKE. This won't go well

Jessica: In regards with the cancellation for refund, please bear with me as I check if this is possible at the moment.

Me:  Cancel order please. 
Jessica: Upon checking, know that we can cancel the order by calling the Vendor today and ask them not to shipped the item anymore. 
(During this time there are 1-4 minutes of silence between responses - it's not all quick like this)
Me: Yes. I need this canceled since you cannot get it to me immediately.  It was never given to FedEx to ship...  I need a car seat by next week as I am picking up the child and need a car seat in my car to do so. 
Jessica: Also, we need to document this incident and know that since the estimated delivery date is within the day, I suggest that we wait for another 72 hours for you to receive the item.
Jessica: And if you still didn't receive it by then, please contact us again so we can process the  
(....seriously....  WHY WOULD I WANT TO HAVE TO CONTACT THEM YET AGAIN if it doesn't show up in 72 hours?  It can't show up.  It was never actually given to FedEx to ship.  It doesn't exist.  I've now wasted about 52 minutes of my time just getting to THIS POINT.  Why in the world would I want to go through this AGAIN by contacting them again if it's not arrived by Monday morning?)  

Me: I am making this clear for my printed records of our conversation.  
A label was made ONLINE but FedEx never picked up nor did anyone ship anything.   
What you are saying is opposite what Sam's Club is telling you/me to do.
(silence on her end)
Me: There is no shipping.  No item.  It was never shipped.  This is SO SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND.  There is. no. item. shipping.  EVER.  The information put into the system but there literally is not a label or an item. 
Jessica: I understand that it was never shipped, know that the 72 hours extension of the delivery is for us to determine that we can replace it.  

Me: I do not want it replaced.
 Me : I do not have time.
 Me : I need it CANCELED. 
 Me : I need to go out and buy a new one in person, in a store, this weekend.

Me:  Are you canceling it?  I do not want a vendor to 'email me within 24 hours'.  I do not want to 'wait another day and contact you again."  I just want it canceled.

As much as I want to provide you a refund as the moment, I am unable to since the system will not allow me because the 72 hours after the estimated delivery date is not yet met.  
: Then why did you (Sam's Club) send me an email TELLING ME to contact you and cancel it?

 Jessica: It will be cancelled automatically once it passed the 72 hours after the estimated delivery date. 
 Jessica: In regards with this, please bear with me as I ask for my supervisor to process the refund for you. 
: Yes.
Jessica: As they are the only once who can on their end. 
Jessica: Thank you for waiting.
: yes.
Jessica: Great news,! I am glad to let you know that my supervisor is now processing the refund for you. 
: Thank You... I'll wait for confirmation.
Please bear with us. My supervisor is still processing it.

: Sounds good I'll keep waiting for confirmation.  :)
 (about 2-3 minutes later I get a supposed confirmation number and tell me to wait 5-7 days to see the order updated)
Before our chat end, can you confirm if I have answered your query today?

: Saving our conversation now and the number...  thank you.
Jessica: You're welcome. It's my pleasure assisting you today. Will there be anything else I can help you with today?

: I don't know if I'm happy with the service or if I will need more help - I have to wait and see if this order was truly taken care of, canceled and refunded.  But if it was done correctly, then thank you very much!
Jessica: I can guarantee you that your order has been cancelled and your refund will be credited on your payment method. Thanks for contacting Sam's club. Have a great day!

: Thank you!

Jessica has disconnected.


This was actually about 1 hour and 11 minutes of me wading through this.  And remember; she wanted me to let her give the vendor my email and wait for THEM to contact me.
The vendor is...  EVENFLO CAR SEATS!  I would die of old age, my bones would rot and turn to dust before I'd EVER HEAR FROM THEM.
Anyway... this gave me something to during the 'downtime' waiting during my customer service chat.  
PS:  As I finished this post I got an immediate survey from Sam's Club asking me how my online chat with Jessica went:


Alabang, Philippines


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