Mandatory Covid Vaccinations... coming soon! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.


Could the government order you to be vaccinated?

Some law professors and legal analysts have been mulling that question, and the answer doesn't seem totally clear.

What is clear, they agree, is that states have the power to require vaccinations. What is not clear is whether the federal government could take such a step.

States' Vaccination Powers

Ever since the 1905 U.S. Supreme Court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts, the right of states to require vaccinations (if they choose) has been the law of the land. In that case, the justices ruled that a Massachusetts law requiring smallpox vaccinations for adults was constitutional.

Courts have continued to uphold Jacobson, and states have continued to require vaccinations when they see fit. Although exemption rules vary, all 50 states have laws requiring school children to be vaccinated.

Sometimes governments rely on these powers to order broad-scale vaccinations when a disease emerges and spreads. In 2019, for instance, the re-emergence of measles prompted the New York City health commissioner to require that all school children in the city be vaccinated for measles. The penalty for refusal: $1,000....


Read of more this particular article:  https://blogs.findlaw.com/law_and_life/2020/08/could-you-be-ordered-to-receive-a-covid-19-vaccination.html


But do your own research by some easy, quick and simple internet searches. The one above is old(er) and we have lost many personal freedoms and rights since it was published just a couple months ago.  Now airlines are discussing making people prove they've had a Covid vaccine before you can fly; and currently many local governments have announced that those who have been given the vaccine will have little 'vaccination' booklets to carry with them to prove they've had it.  (Picture Communist Germany gestapo;  SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!)

.... For a fucking flu that has a 99% survival rate and generally only seriously affects those in a quite-elderly age group or those with other health issues that make them susceptible to almost any flu/cold/respiratory issues.  Most people could have no idea they even had it; have no symptoms at all.  The rest have mild symptoms, one day of chills and body aches, a headache and loss of smell/taste for 4-7 days.