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4:30 pm - coffee in hand.  Sooo tired.

A popular topic pretty much everywhere right now is the horrible delivery services going on... and although I chatted about it already today, I got a text later from a family member and had to laugh.  

My oldest child texted me a photo of a huge piece of cardboard she had used a marker on to boldly write their house number.  She asked:  "Do you think, if I put this up, they will stop delivering ALL the packages for my ENTIRE STREET to my house?"

Yep.  You read that right.  For the past 2 weeks every single package for any house on her street has been left on her front porch!  The crazy thing is that she didn't even really have any deliveries herself.  A couple small items that were little enough to put directly into her mailbox.  But almost daily she arrives home from work to find packages for all her neighbors.  All the houses literally have their house numbers on both the mailboxes AND the little numbers you nail up on your house/porch/siding etc.  so all homes are clearly marked but for whatever reason, the delivery person just unloads them all at my daughter's house.  She doesn't want anyone to miss their deliveries by her 'sending them back' so...  She is nice, and she painstakingly delivers them all to their porches or front doors... leaves them at the front door, rings the bell and leaves.  She's become an unintentional Mrs. Claus - which she does not have time for with a full time career and 3 little ones under the age of 6.  But she does this for her neighbors (that she doesn't even know as she just moved there right as Covid was hitting)... because FedEx and UPS do not. 

Another daughter of mine has also done this over the past couple weeks as she too has received a couple packages for other people in her cul de sac.  

House numbers are clearly stated and obviously the packages are going to people with not only other house numbers but other last names....


Remember a couple years ago when the mail person delivered two packages of mine to wrong person (about 2 miles away from me) and that person kept them?  They were cute little boots.   The mail person and I tracked them down and the mail person got them back for me; (She was a sub and when she found out she mis-delivered them she was mortified and angry that the other lady kept them.  She literally went to the lady's house at 8:30 pm and asked her to give them back... the lady pretended she didn't know what she was talking about.  The mail lady explained she had a GPS that tracked the delivery here, it was an orange and white box from Rack Room Shoes and *(because she knew from my description) they were a pair of little gray boots and a pair of little brown boots... the lady finally caved.  She said "MAYBE" she had them - she didn't know, she'd have to check.  Little liar-pants!  She had opened them - and tried them on and put them in her closet!  

Anyway... I got them back ONLY because at the time our deliveries were NOT as screwed up as they are now and I happened to have a spit-fire of a woman who said she took her job seriously and that would NOT happen on her watch.

From them on, every time we passed that house or if we needed to give directions, etc. we'd say "The house with the lady that stole my shoes...."   or my daughter would say "the house where the lady stole your shoes...".   

Earlier this year they moved.  Someone bought the property, and flipped it - relisted it for literally 4 times what they paid for it.  It recently sold and there are new owners.  But guess what?  My daughter was talking about traffic coming to my house last week and sure enough....  "Yeah, it was backed up to thehousewheretheladystoleyourshoes."   

No matter who lives there, for the last few years and always from here on out will be thehousewheretheladystoleyourshoes.


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