More modern times call for the 12 days of Christmas to 'end' on Christmas instead of begin; and it's been 1 year since I had what we now know is the China Virus - Covid19

Good Morning... 

Although historically the 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas, in more modern times most of us are happier with the 12 days of Christmas leading UP to Christmas.  I honestly can't even imagine 'celebrating' for 12 days after because by the day after Christmas I'm pretty much ready to take the tree down, clean up, de-clutter and get on with life.

Of course two hundred years ago our ancestors didn't have retailers and social media putting out Christmas decorations, hawking their wares and starting holiday marketing in September and October!  When you have Christmas decorations and marketing targeting you even before Halloween, by the time December 25th comes around you are soooo over it.  So, yeah, the 12 days of Christmas used to be a time of merrymaking and celebration starting with the celebration of Christ's birth on Christmas but most people go back to work either the first Monday after the holidays (TODAY) or at the very least, next Monday so... yeah.

All that to pretty much say that my world is pretty much back to normal 'pre-Christmas' schedule today.  And yes, our Christmas decorations and the tree is down and packed away.


This week is also my ONE YEAR anniversary of our bout with the China Virus, Covid-19.   It was a year ago I finally was feeling better this week.  My husband, who got sick about a week after me, also followed a similar schedule and next week will be his 'one year' mark.  His 'feeling better' and breathing better happened around January 6th.

We had the China Virus before China actually admitted they launched this sucker on anyone... so when we got it (as well as my brother) no one knew what it was or what to call it.  It was just "A Virus" as in "Well, it's not the flu, and it's not Mono or Pneumonia...  so you've just picked up a virus...."   

I thought for sure it was walking pneumonia or even bronchitis but it wasn't... it was 'just a virus' and it kept me exhausted, fatigued and coughing my lungs out for the full 6 weeks after the initial 1 day of chills/joint aches and later, I lost sense of smell/taste for about 3-4 days.  The fatigue and coughing was the worst.  I would have to stand in the doorway to brace myself when I coughed.  When my husband went through the heavy cough stage I made him sleep on the couch as he kept me up all night.  LOL.

We both went on with life completely normal during it though... he worked full time (12 hours a day plus a 2 hour commute and sometimes 6 days a week as usual) and I too was going about life as normal.  It was just one of those crummy long lasting viruses to trudge through.  

But right at the 6 week mark we both recovered.  Our energy came back and the coughing calmed.  I ended up with lung weakness which I didn't really pay attention to until I realized I couldn't say a full sentence of more than 3 words without stopping to take a breath, and I couldn't sing.  I was trying to sing along to a song when we had a family gathering on the deck one night and realized I was basically croaking and couldn't catch my breath.  That was in July.

In November I started to do deep breathing exercises and forcing myself to breath deeply until the count of 10... hold it for 2-3 seconds and then slowly breath out, counting down again.  This made a HUGE difference and I'm almost back to normal on lung capacity again... exactly one YEAR after the virus.

I'm thankful we had the virus before anyway blew it out of proportion and made it a bigger deal than it is.  When we had it, doctors were level headed and calm because it didn't have a specific name and it hadn't been made into the fake 'pandemic' it is.  We got to have it when it was still a 'virus' like a million other viruses and people didn't freak out over it.

But yes... it's been exactly 1 year for me.