Pondering over Coffee: SanFran says you can't smoke a cigarette in your apartment but feel free to smoke all the marijuana you want! Video of blatant voter fraud being ignored (WTF is going on!?) and... no Christmas for YOU if you are in CA


  • You can't smoke a cigarette or cigar in your OWN HOME if you live in an apartment in San Francisco, CA but... YES you can still smoke all the marijuana you wish.   Source
  • A regional stay-home order lasting at least three weeks will be issued if regional capacity in intensive care units falls below 15% in any of the five regions: Southern California, Northern California, the San Joaquin Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento. 
  • Yet again, video evidence emerges that purports to show electoral fraud in operation in Georgia during ballot counting in Fulton County - the same county where an alleged "water leak" disrupted vote counting for some hours, only for it to emerge that there had been only a minor leak in a single toilet that had not disrupted anything (except for Republican Party vote monitors, who were sent home because of the "leak").