The bane of my existence... the perfect name for your baby? Huh?


A local resident has started to make 'cutesie' baby name/announcement signs you can hang on a wall or door.  Their little ad on social media drives me bonkers because the one the used is for a newborn little boy and the poor little soul has apparently been blessed  cursed with the first name of Bain.  As in 'you are the bane of my existence!"

Seriously... the parents never once heard that phrase of hatred?  Or thought about looking up Bain/Bane in a dictionary to see it basically means a person that ruins everything, a deadly poison, or death.  


Then again, perhaps they do know the meaning and "A person or thing that ruins or spoils" was in fact what they had in mind when they named their new little one "Bain"?  The bane of their existence.... that's pure love right there, no?