The look on my face this afternoon when I heard an alert text come in and saw it was from the USPS saying our parcel of signed documents that were mailed 2 day delivery 'Certified Mail' back on 11/25th were going to be delivered by today..  


(Update - well they never made it today anyway.  So probably tomorrow but it's a business they are being delivered to so... closed on Saturday.  So, Monday?  Fail no matter how you look at it.)




(They lost them the day we mailed them.  So we had to take a chance and paid to mail a second copy on December 4th.  They've 'lost' those as well with zero information/updates since that night when they left the facility.  Giving up and getting worried because the deadline was looming ((today)) we paid $60 and sent them overnight Fedex.  They were delivered yesterday. Now they suddenly find mail we mailed in November....)


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