The post office has zero information on a certified letter we sent a week ago... and I ponder over coffee whether they would still honor their 'printed media' rate for Christmas cards like they did years ago.....


Good Morning - 

It's a Wednesday and the 2nd of December.  This irks me for a couple reasons but one that is front and center in my mind is that we sent some important papers by USPS certified mail on Wednesday, November 25th (with tracking and return receipt requested) and they are STILL NOT DELIVERED!

I get that we had Thanksgiving in there, so instead of 2 day delivery they said it would arrive by the 29th - which was Sunday - so... Monday.  But Monday and Tuesday came (and went) and zero updates.  It simply says it left our post office facility on November 25th and is "IN TRANSIT" to the next facility but still says "Expected delivery November 29th".  WTF.


Pretty sure the old days of running the mail across the prairies in leather bags, on horseback, through hostile Indian territory had a better track record of mail arriving.


Still on the mail topic, but different...  I need to get to the post office to get stamps to mail our Christmas cards.  I've had them 'done' and addressed for about a week now but refuse to send cards out until at LEAST December 1st.  Typically, for pretty much the entire span of our marriage, I send them out the first Monday of December or December 4th.  

And yes... I still send 'cards' out.  I'm a dying breed.  I know.  I refuse to use media like Facebook though, so I don't share or keep up with people that way.  Plus, many on our 'list' are either family or the elderly.  They enjoy getting Christmas cards in the mail... heck, most people do!  I know I love to get cards and letters - snail mail style.  And if I don't have time to open and read them right then, that's fine!  Everyone is busy!  So I put them in my 'card basket' and when I do have time later that night, I'll brew a cup of hot coffee and sit and read a few Christmas cards and Christmas letters.  

So back to what I was saying... they are here, and sealed and addressed but I need to get stamps.

RANDOM:  Some people remember their great grandparents would send out a card with the flaps unsealed and cards unsigned.  When I was really, really little, I recall a couple cards arriving to our home this way.  I never knew why, but always thought it dumb someone would bother to send out a blank, unsigned greeting and figured they forgot the seal.

Nope.  More than likely it was because in their day, the post office would offer a cheaper rate to send the card if it was considered 'printed media' - but printed media meant you could not write a greeting or personal information.   This would save money on your postage but the deal was;  they did random checks to make sure you weren't slipping a sneaky little "Merry Christmas, love Bill and Arlene" in your card... so people left their cards unsealed with an open flap so if the post office did a random check they wouldn't ruin the card envelope before it was delivered to their loved ones.

We do still have the media 'cheaper' rate;  if you are sending a book or music and you have zero personal letters, papers or information in it, but JUST the media, you get the cheaper rate.  

To be honest, I thought about asking to send all my cards printed media rate this year... just to see if they'd do it.  I specifically had the Merry Christmas and our family name PRINTED on the card so I did not touch them with my pen.  I also did not craft a long Christmas letter like I usually do.

But I probably won't. 

It doesn't save much... I just wanted to see if they still stood behind their rule of sending all printed media at the cheaper rate.  

Frankly I don't feel up to testing it just for personal informative purposes anymore.  

But my cards are done.

I have just enough time to brew one more cup of coffee before rushing to get dressed, head out the door and start the day.    

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