Twas the Saturday before Christmas and alllll through the house....empty airports

An online 'friend' whose blog I read posted photos of her son flying home from visiting a family member on the other side of the country this past week.  The airport was... empty.  Literally.  He was in Dulles (!) and there wasn't a soul to be seen besides him.  His gate was filled with empty seats.  The hall was empty.  

This morning my nephew was flying to Florida to go to his Mom's house for Christmas.  He posted a snapchat selfie with his caption.  In the background... nary another person.  Again, all seats behind him in the photo were empty.  Granted, he flies out of a tiny little airport in the Midwest so it's never really 'busy' by normal standards, but just seeing photos online of people in traditionally busy places like airports, large hospitals, etc. that are empty is just... wrong.








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