Twas the Saturday before Christmas and alllll through the house.... off to Walmart, empty airports, canceled flights and more

 Twas the Saturday before Christmas and alllll through the house.... 

Not a creature besides me is stirring... but I'm on my 3rd cup of strong, hot coffee so yeah, I'm stirring.

Last weekend I 'needed' to head to Walmart to get eggnog and 1 last little gift (I just need to pick up a Marvel comic t-shirt which I assume will be in stock and if not... I'll find something similar).  But I didn't go because... Meh.  Walmart, on a weekend?  2 weeks before Christmas?

What was I thinking?  

Because hello?  NOW I'm going to do Walmart, on a weekend, 6 days before Christmas!  Ha ha.  


An online 'friend' whose blog I read posted photos of her son flying home from visiting a family member on the other side of the country this past week.  The airport was... empty.  Literally.  He was in Dulles (!) and there wasn't a soul to be seen besides him.  His gate was filled with empty seats.  The hall was empty.  

This morning my nephew was flying to Florida to go to his Mom's house for Christmas.  He posted a snapchat selfie with his caption.  In the background... nary another person.  Again, all seats behind him in the photo were empty.  Granted, he flies out of a tiny little airport in the Midwest so it's never really 'busy' by normal standards, but just seeing photos online of people in traditionally busy places like airports, large hospitals, etc. that are empty is just... wrong.

A couple months ago we made plans for our family to get together for Christmas. I gifted the tickets to one of them and her family so I booked the flight for them.  Because of this I researched all the flight times, layovers, chose the seats, etc.  At the time the seating was about a third filled - and this was 2 months ago.  So I had high hopes that the airlines would be busy and bounce back as they've suffered this year.  

After I bought their tickets and sent them the receipt and itinerary, I didn't pay attention to the flight changes as it wasn't my flight/business.  But my daughter mentioned 2 weeks ago she had to stop opening up the 'alerts' she was getting because the flights were changing literally daily.  She was going to wait until a couple days before and then see what their flights were for sure.  She asked if I was getting the updates?  Nope.  But I told her I'd log in to check.

Well... all my research and careful planning for adequate layovers, etc. were all for naught.

I don't think the airlines had enough travelers for their original 4:30 pm flight (which was perfect for their schedule, their little ones and the layovers) but their flight was canceled and they were automatically re-booked for a Christmas morning flight.  Now both family members and their crew have to fly out early Christmas morning...  one of which has to be on the road to the airport by 4:15 am so needless to say our Christmas celebration is going to be Christmas Eve.   

I suspect things will probably continue to change this week as well so I'll log in on Sunday to check one family members latest flight info and then log in Monday to verify the others.  


I really need to get dressed and see what else I need to add to the list to pick up at Walmart since I've got to go to get the last gift and the eggnog.  I'm sure there are probably 10 more things I need but I just haven't thought about anything yet this morning.  Time to get started on my day I suppose!  






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