When your new young, hip, 20 year old insurance agent office staff sounds so passive agressive that you read her email and think "wow, what a bitch" "passive agressive much?"

Needing a bit of a breather and break, I stopped all tasks, logged into email and saw 2 emails from a name I didn't recognize with rather 'bitchy' and smart ass 'subject lines' in the email headers.


I opened the first and saw I was being talked down to and in a very condescending way because I don't use the 'drive safe' app my insurance company is pushing.  

It was rather snarky and filled with language the way I see 17-25 year olds on social media talk, but then I thought about her name... very very 'trendy' and young.  And even spelled all... umm, creative.


I went on to her next email.

This one was all pissy because I like to receive paper documents.  I do this on purpose for a plethora of reasons I don't need to go into.  It's my choice to opt to receive paper bills and policies from any company that gives me the choice (and I pay extra for paper versions on top of it).  LOL.  

So here is how she STARTS my email....


We've tried calling a few times and haven't been able to reach you. 


Yeah.  That's a lie.  LOL.  Doesn't twit head realize everyone has caller id and can see when people try to reach them?   Even if they did try to call, they aren't leaving a message or a voicemail and I'm not going to pick up random phone numbers. But even so, I'm sure my phone would say the name of the insurance agency on the ID so... whatever.  It makes the little princess look better to her boss to say in her copies "we've tried to reach you" whatever.

It looks like you won't be receiving the 5% paperless discount at renewal.


Really?  Well, it looks like YOU won't be receiving the 5% discount.   Are you trying to hurt my feelings?  Shame me?  Make me feel left out of the cool kids club?  (The bold font is theirs by the way...) 

 Even if you are getting your bill in your email, that doesn't mean your policy is going to your email too, and that's where the discount is...

I can enroll you for eBill (monthly statement) from my end but the ePolicy (once every six months packet) enrollment has to be done by you. It takes two minutes. I've attached directions below but if you have any trouble at all, just give us a call and T____  or I can walk you through it over the phone. Again, it takes two minutes and can save you 5% off your premium.


 Again.  Bold is theirs. 

And then insults intelligence by assuming I'm not enrolling because I don't know HOW TO.

And yes, she writes out directives as if she is speaking to a 6 year old.

Because anyone under the age of 24 obviously has no idea how to use computers.