Late to coffee talking... so it's just the White Claw talking - Coozies for White Claw, Truly and other tall skinny cans

I have no idea why, but I picked up a small box of White Claw yesterday (Ruby Grapefruit flavor if you're wondering).  Now, to me, Truly's, White Claws and their similar tribe of hard seltzer's seem rather warm and summery.   Believe me, it's not warm and summery right now!  We are expecting snow flurries tonight... but they found their way into my cart yesterday at the grocery store.

So.. it's just the grapefruit White Claw talking today I guess.

Now, I'm not really in the mood to sip the White Claw..  it's cold and dreary today.  I'm thinking a hot cup of coffee sounds lovely. 



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White Claw coozie - 'claws out bitches'

Multi-Assorted can coozies for skinny cans

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Skinny Can Coozie For Slim Cans 4pc Claw Slim Can Cooler Slim Can Insulator






Might have to buy a Warmie and idiots who think dogs are humans... it's just the coffee talking again

This morning I believe I have to run some errands - household and grocery - which I despise doing on weekends but there is no other option right now so... I believe that's what I'll be doing here in about an hour or so.  But until then? COFFEE.

So many tiny little topics swirling in my head.  (Big huge ones too, but I'm not 'chit-chatting' over coffee about those).





Until yesterday I hadn't seen/felt a 'Warmie' before.   It's a stuffed animal that is filled with grain that can be microwaved for 90 seconds to warm up (although you don't have to) and is often filled with a scent like lavender as well.  Snuggly for going to sleep, or as a heating pad; although the little one I met who had her favorite 'Warmie' used it as her lovey... her stuffed animal that goes everywhere with her.  Everywhere.  At all times.  

She's 11 months now and has had it since she was born.  They bought a second 'just in case' - a replica.  The exact same one but yes, much like Emma and "Hugsy" the Penguin of Joey's that she knew which one was the 'real' Hugsy, she knew the fake Sloth was not her Sloth and could tell the difference between them even by 8 or 9 months and refuses the second.   I suppose in hind-site they should have bought the second one at the same time as the first and secretly used them interchangeably from the start so they both were 'loved' equally!  

Anyway, the point is, I fell in love with her little 'sloth' and want to get one for the 8 month old, but I can't decide which animal I want to buy him.  I'm leaning towards the little fox or the gorilla.  I really wanted to buy the sloth but the 8 month old and 11 month old are best baby-buddies and that could get confusing when they are together and they both have little sloth Warmies.  Better to get him his own animal! 


I think I blogged about this one a few weeks ago but it still bugs me - and I think of it and many, many others when I read some of the social media comments on our own little city-based social media boards.  

Two large dogs (pets of someone but they were out and about) had stopped to enjoy a snack - a deer that had been hit by a car and was in the road.  This woman (like many other well-intentioned but woefully stupid people) was posting about those "poor babies and how starving they must be to have to force themselves to eat raw, bloody meat".

Yes.  She did.

And she went on to say how she's been a dog-lover for 60 years and has dogs, has always taken in stray dogs, etc. since she was 10 years old....

I'm thinking;  lady, how can you get to be roughly 70 years old and not know that dogs naturally eat raw bloody meat?  

Pretty sure she is one of those people that think their milk and boneless, skinless chicken all come from the grocery store, where they are magically made by a machine in the back of the store.  

As a side note - I HATE when these women all blather on and on and call all stray dogs 'someone's baby' and 'poor babies' 'oh that blessed little baby'.  It's not a baby.  It's a fucking dog.  And I'm not that dog's "Mommy" either by-the-way.  I like dogs.  I have 2 big dogs who happen to be sleeping next to me at this very second on their cushy couch beds, snoring away without a care in the world but they are NOT my babies and I'm NOT their 'Mommy'.  I am a Mommy... I've given birth to 3 babies.  But when people (including the vet's office) call my cats and dogs my babies and call me their "Mommy"  it makes my teeth clench.

But where was I?

Oh.  So self-proclaimed "life long dog lover" has NO CLUE that dogs prefer meat over dry, corn filled, commercially made 'dog kibble'. 

My coffee is gone.  I've got time to brew one more and then I'll have to get busy on those errands.



It's just the coffee talking again...





You might be interested in some items related to this post, available through Amazon. There are many, many different styles and animal Warmies - I'm just putting a couple here, but I've seen everything from unicorns to teddy bears to sharks and more.


  Warmies Microwavable French Lavender Scented Plush Sloth 



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Facebook NOW says yes, you can post Bible posts... after they were called to the carpet over banning links to BibleHub....











Biden didn't like that Trump's policy meant slashing the price of Epi-Pen and insulin so he signed a new executive order to reverse it.











Did you see who that nimwit wants to hand the reigns of DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) to!??? How the fuck is this happening!?


Those who publicly beheaded US journalist Daniel Pearl are free to go...... only 8 days into Biden's term

  And it begins... just 8 days in.  Because no one is scared of a dementia brained pansy-ass leader.

By Biden's own words: You can't legislate by executive order unless you're a dictator. (He's now signed more executive orders in 1 week than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY)

You can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus

—Joe Biden, October, 2020




In an appearance on ABC in October, then-candidate Joe Biden argued that presidents should avoiding using executive orders to impose legislation from the executive office.




Biden said to George Stephanopoulos that he would not be able to enact legislation without the votes necessary in Congress to do so.

"I've got to get the votes," Biden said. "I gotta get the votes. That's why y'know, the one thing that I, I have this strange notion. We're a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally 'well if you can't get the votes then by executive order you've got to so something.'

"Things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator. We're a democracy. We need a consensus," Biden said, before winning the election and going on to sign more executive orders in his first week in office than any other president ever in the history of the United States.

Source:  https://thepostmillennial.com/flashback-biden-speaks-out-against-excessive-executive-orders-hes-since-signed-33

Reading the Lord of the Ring Series out loud.... to my husband. Flashback!


This morning I saw a little blurb on social media that a woman was reading the Lord of the Rings series to her daughter for the first time. 

Instant memory flash.

Although my husband loves the movies, the first time he heard of the LOTR series was when I read it out loud to him.  

He and I dated in high school and because I loved to read and he hated it. In order to spend time together and get his homework done, I would happily spend date nights and afternoons reading the book and then explaining the story to him, so he would then do his homework.  I love reading more than anything else on earth I think.  And he hates it equally as much. 

We married soon after high school and were young and poor.  At some point, I was desperate for something to read; and remembered this odd looking set of 4 paperback books we had in the storage closet; they had been packed up and moved with us after we married.

Even though the boy never read, the books were actually his.  

His older sister had read them in high school and loved them, and had passed them on to him after she moved out.  They were tossed in a bottom drawer - I'm not sure he even cracked them open to see what they were. But they were thrown into a box when we moved 

I'm not sure if I liked something enough to read it out loud to him, or if he simply asked me to read out loud one night as we lay in bed, but either way, I recall starting to read The Hobbit out loud every night before sleep.  We loved it.  He looked forward to me reading it out loud for us every night and would ask if we could go read.  Ha ha.  He ended up loving the series and years later, after we had children, the movies came out and our family was of course big fans.  


This memory brought back a smile this morning when I read that a Mom was reading it for the first time to her young daughter, and I recall the first time I read it...to my husband.

You might be interested in some of the products related to this post, available through Amazon;

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The Chronicles of Narnia (Box Set) 


A Game of Thrones / A Clash of Kings / A Storm of Swords / A Feast for Crows / A Dance with Dragons (Song of Ice and Fire Series) (A Song of Ice and Fire)


The man is in declining health and exhibits clear major signs of dementia.


 The man is in declining health and exhibits clear major signs of dementia.




(You knew exactly who I was talking about, didn't you?  LOL) 



 Now science and statistics are racist....  

University of Rhode Island and Director of Graduate Studies Erik Loomis recently claimed “science, statistics and technology” are racist.

“Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist because they are developed by racists who live in a racist society, whether they identify as racists or not,” Loomis tweeted in reference to a New York Times article....


 (This is who Biden just chose for Secretary of Education)





What the fuck is wrong with people today?  Did they ALL just lose their ever-fucking-loving minds?






Black adoptive parents kill little 3 year old white adopted daughter after making comments on Twitter about 'white privilege' - (winner of Food Network show and aspiring comedian)



Look how HUGE they are and how TINY that little girl was...

(Hope they go to jail become the girlfriend of someone bigger, badder and stronger than they.)


It's just the coffee talking.... a gray and white living room with hints of dark blue

This is something completely random for Coffee Talking...  living room talk.

But there is a reason!  No, I don't get to redo anything in our home, there is no budget for it right now.  But last night I was texting with my brother as he sent a photo of his family room and mentioned he finally found a bluetooth speaker he liked that doesn't stand out or look like it's a speaker.  

As I studied his photo trying to find the speaker I noticed how cool and put together the room looked.

He's a single guy - 40 years old - was lifelong military until he retired and took a civilian job.  Bought a brand new home a couple months ago and has been sending photos back and forth with me picking out carpet, furniture, paint colors and shelving, etc.

Seeing the photo last night had me just a tiny teeny bit jealous.  Since he's single, the house is immaculate and surprisingly, for a rather gruff military guy, he can really put together a room nicely.  I really loved it.

He has a gray couch, an abstract blue/gray/cream rug.  Minimalist wall decor ('don't want shit on my walls') but very cool bookshelves with just the right amount of decor, a cool vase, a candle.  He's very very picky about things in his life and being in the position he was for so many years, expects everything to be in it's place, neat and tidy and look nice as well as being spic-n-span clean.

He and I get along very very well.  LOL.  Out of all my siblings he and I are the closest.

So this morning I was still thinking about how I love how he's redoing his house.  The new carpet was installed last week and this weekend he'll be repainting the bedroom with a better shade of gray that doesn't have the blue undertones the first attempt did.

It's just... very cool.

And because I can't do any remodeling right now (even though our kitchen is screaming out for a floor update... ) I'm sitting here sipping coffee and randomly looking up items on Amazon for a room in grays and creams and hints of navy blue.

BUT having said that - I do have a room I decorating in creams and rustic wood and navy blue is the accent color - and I LOVE it.  I did it last Spring and it makes me happy to walk through it but I don't spend much time in it because it's an upstairs loft area that is mostly just used for guests to play video games and hang out or watch movies.   

I think I might have blogged about the couch I bought at the time?  The cream colored one from Serta?

It was affordable and came pretty much put together, I just had to fold up the back and put the legs on.  Very light weight as well.  It's a small size - perfect for an apartment (or a loft area like we needed).  It replaced a black futon we originally had up there when the color scheme was black and white.

So this morning, just for fun....

A gray version of the couch.

Serta Harmon Reversible Sectional Sofa Living Room, Modern L-Shaped 3 Seat Fabric Couch, Square Arm, Gray   


Or another similar one - already in a white/gray room which I'm a sucker for as it's just so simple and bright and light.  I love sunlight and bright rooms.

  Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch Convertible Couch Sofa Sectional L Shape Couch for Small Apartment Grey 


 And now a random rug.  Abstract... because I've got my brothers family room on my mind and somehow he picked out just the right rug to bring his room together as a masculine room but in grays/whites/blues.  He obviously has a talent I don't because I really really suck at picking out paint samples and rugs!

 blue and gray abstract rug 






Random shelves... I'm loving the wood look that is popular right now.  I used rustic wood and black plumbing piping for the shelves in my laundry room last fall.  This is more modern looking - which would probably go better in the living room/family room I'm designing in my head.  

  Floating shelves


And throw pillows.

I love throw pillows and decorative pillows but they are so dang expensive!  I always browse them at my local At Home and TJMaxx stores, etc. but often are $24.99 each which is out of my 'willing to pay' price.  I actually just save old pillows and sew new covers on them with fabric I purchase myself because it's so much cheaper.

But... if you have a good eye you can find deals at Amazon like $9.99 and such.  And buying just the cover is so much cheaper than the whole pillow anyway!


Pack of 2 Throw Pillow Covers Cases - Luxury Square Soft Decorative Cushion Covers for Sofa/Couch/Bed/Living Room/Chair/Home Decor Decorations (Gray/White) 


Ok!  That was fun but my coffee is pretty much gone now and the little bit left is ice cold.  Yuck.  It's also time for the baby to have his bottle so in other words... my time is up!

Thanks for popping in.  I know this is an odd post for Coffee Talking but... it kept me from talking about anything political or in the news.  *wink*    Meh.  

It's just the coffee talking.