Antifa led the charge to the Capital building and started the violence... but they got what they wanted so even though the truth comes out now, it no longer matters. The rigged machines were not fixed btw...

ANTIFA provocateurs lead the charge for those who ended up in the Capital building. 

Doesn't matter now though, they accomplished what they wanted.  The public image damage is done because they KNEW the news would take it and run with it.  Truth doesn't matter to the media.  Over and over and over and over we've seen this in the last few years.  Truth. Does. Not. Matter. Anymore.

The rigged machines were not fixed btw...  

And I doubt that many of you saw the video of Jovan Pulitzer, regarding Fulton County during the  Georgia Senate Hearing where a Fulton County Dominion voting machine was hacked LIVE. 

... but truth doesn't matter anymore, right?

“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, not only do we now have access through the devices to the poll pad–the system, but WE ARE IN.”



Oh wait…you didn’t see it or hear about it? Hmmm, shocking.  (smirk) 
The mainstream will NEVER show the public the truth.  There was a predetermined outcome and if you take the time to your research, you will be blown away.
Blown. Away.  The evidence is fucking incredible.

I saw this comment online and they nailed it:   "74+ million patriots have been patiently waiting / hoping for “the system” to make it right. But it was never in the cards. “The house” always wins."