Black Rifle Coffee Company - Not just coffee, but t-shirts, mugs, whole bean packages and espresso in cans as well as instant packs for 'on the go'

Good Morning! 

Yesterday Mr. Coffee had his regular annual physical. As he and his doctor were sitting there chatting, the doctor mentioned he loved my husbands shirt. 

He was wearing a Black Rifle Coffee Classic Logo T Shirt - like this one, except his is in Army green.   His doctor commented "Yeah, I just tried their coffee!"  And as they both talked about the coffee, the doctor mentioned he had decided to try it after he saw they were the featured coffee at his favorite gun shop.  I thought about that this morning, and that's how this post came to be.  I decided to feature the shirt my husband has, as well as other Black Rifle Coffee products.









I featured some double caffeine coffee yesterday from a brand I don't actually support myself but know that many people do.  But THIS brand I do support.  I've bought it - AND I've given their coffee and products as gifts last Christmas.

"This Ultra-Caffeinated Blend is sure to change your tone. Roasted in small batches with the highest quality coffee, we ensure that every cup will give you the kick in the pants you've been searching for. " 

Wake The Hell Up! Dark Roast Single Serve Capsules | Ultra-Caffeinated Coffee For K-Cup Compatible Brewers. 






"Ready to Drink is our new canned espresso drink made with coffee-forward flavors, premium ingredients, and 200mg caffeine per can. It's a convenient new way to enjoy America’s Coffee. Our Ready to Drink coffee is made with the right amount of sweetness to balance its coffee-forward flavors while maintaining lower sugar content than similar products. 100% Colombian coffee, gluten free, good source of protein."

Black Rifle Coffee Company Ready To Drink Coffee - Espresso with Cream 11oz Can







Their staple roast.  I love Black Rifle's product description for this one:  "For the American who is tired of tight pants, horn-rimmed glasses, and twirly mustaches. No frills, no froth, no foam. Just. Black. Sourced from 100% Colombian Excelso beans. Now you can get your fix of Just Black, our staple roast, in a 5-pound bag of freedom."

Black Rifle Coffee Company 5 Pound Bag of Black Rifle Ground Coffee (Just Black) 




BRCC suggests when you're out in the field or on the go, you might need your Black Rifle Coffee NOW and they offer instant coffee in a medium-dark roast for those times. 100% Colombian coffee - if I was still working in the office, I'd be drinking this.  Even instant coffee packs were better than our break room coffee!  It was awful.  Add one stick to 6 to 8 ounces of hot (or cold) water, and you are ready! 32 power-packed sticks per box.  

Black Rifle Coffee Company Black Powder Instant Sticks 32ct 







I've featured this cup on It's Just the Coffee Talking previously... it's the one I bought for our son for Christmas!  It's very cool in person!  I got my husband a different one of their mugs, but had to get him one without the rifle on it so he could use it at work;  I didn't want to take the chance of some asshole liberal whiny snowflake running to HR to complain about not feeling 'safe' because someone was drinking coffee from a mug with a gun on their logo.  This one does have the rifle and it does look and feel very cool in person. 

Black Rifle Coffee Company Classic Logo Coffee Mug (Black with White Logo) (Black, Ceramic BRCC Classic Mug)