"..... Beyond even this, we had the hearings into voter fraud which showed testimony of hundreds of sworn affidavits and the manipulations in courts which forbade the evidence from ever being presented. Furthermore, we had video of the fraud being carried out and a heroic sting operation which demonstrated the voter fraud live for all to see. Except hardly any did see it. Why? Because the mainstream media is under almost total control by the left.

People suggest constantly that there is no evidence of voter fraud. That argument hinges on the lower courts having rejected the attempts to demonstrate that. Well, there is testimony from a lawyer for the Trump team working in Nevada. He details all the ways his team verified the fraud, and then tells of how they were unable to use the evidence in court because their access to the information was delayed so long that the date set by the court to submit the evidence had passed. 

And even beyond that, there is much evidence of the voter fraud and manipulation on video. We saw Republican poll watchers being denied access over and over again. And let me give a hat tip here to Project Veritas which conducted many sting operations demonstrating massive voter fraud in the act.

So, yes, America is being fraudulently handed over to the Global Reset crowd with Joe Biden being the lead puppet for the moment. And the biggest culprit is the mainstream media and the tech giants that have manipulated the election, controlled the flow of information, and used their near-total monopoly to bamboozle the public worldwide. They are pulling accounts on the political right and center."