Chatting over Morning Coffee... some people really ARE stupid... plain and simple

I only have a few minutes for coffee this morning then I've got to hurry and get on the road, but I'm sipping coffee and glancing over a couple of my typical "stop in quickly to see what's going on" sites.  One of those is for my city.  

Apparently yesterday there were two large beautiful dogs (pets of someone) that found a deer in the road and were eating it.  The concern of course is that you don't want someone's dogs getting hit.  Instead, some bright, intelligent mind went down her own little rant path that someone MUST have dropped them off and abandoned them, because the poor things must have been starving to be willing to eat raw, bloody meat from a deer.







Reminds me of an actor (an older, well known male actor) who told the story in an interview of uneducated and ridiculously naive (stupid) young people are.  There was an assistant on the set who was doing a food run.  The assistant was picking up food from a Mexican restaurant and asked the actor what he wanted.  The actor declined saying he didn't like Mexican food.  The 20-something assistant was mortified and exclaimed (honestly and seriously... not joking...)  "That's racist!"  



Apparently the actor had to try to explain to him that not liking a certain kind of food was NOT the definition of racism but he couldn't understand.

That same frame of mind, I was on a message forum once where someone shared her favorite recipe.  (It was a Mexican casserole... LOL  although it had nothing to do with my mention of Mexican food above).  

The recipe sounded pretty good, and the poster mentioned they used sliced olives on the top.  A young woman who went on and on about how good of a cook she is, and how she loved to cook chimed in on the comments under the recipe.  She told the poster how she THOUGHT the recipe sounded good and she WAS going to make it but now she will NEVER make it because the woman uses olives on the top of it.  The young and obviously not so bright woman went on and on in a paragraph about how the poster ruined the recipe by putting sliced olives on the top and now the young woman will NEVER be able to make it because... she hated olives.

It never occurred to her to simply leave. them. off. the. top.







Time is up!  I'm now running 4 minutes late.  LOL.  Back later.  Thanks for morning coffee!!






This is almost mouth-dropping-stupid.  Seriously!????



 UNBELIEVABLE... almost laughable except it's not.

OMG.  After they did the same thing and still are!



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