Coffee Talk: new migrant caravan in Guatemala illegally pushing through borders on the way to the US (so it begins), kids returning to the classroom have to have the Covid vaccination


There is a new migrant caravan in Guatemala pushing through the borders  headed to the United States.  

Original sources (not influenced by our fucked up main media who twist facts, throw out facts, sift through to pick and choose what they are going to 'sell' as the news) have reported it's easily about 5,000 people pushing through the borders;  lawlessness already and they haven't even gotten here yet.  

By the time this story was published by a couple of our 'main news media' the number had been changed to an estimated 1500.  LOL.  I guess they think 1500 sounds better than the 5,000 the border patrol officers in Honduras report.  One of the quotes from their agent said 'easily 5,000' passed by. 

If you love our country and want to come here, do it LEGALLY.  America has always welcomed immigrants obviously - the difference is that the majority of Americans want it done legally - just like any other country.  Heck, most countries are more stringent and have tougher laws than we do.


Los Angeles schools district superintendent has announced all kids returning to the classroom have to have the Covid vaccination.  You know... the one UNTESTED (they never finished the 3rd stage testing - just rushed it through) and never tested for long term, the one that is NOT recommended for children because it's NEVER been tested on children.

That one.

And now the schools in LA are saying they are going to require it just as they do measles or other vaccinations.  You know - vaccinations that were CAREFULLY TESTED long term before being given to children.

So it begins.  I told you so.




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