Diet Coke Talking... procrastinating again... Candace Owens... Diamond and Silk.... and baby decides he isn't going to nap today


I thought I'd come here and chat while I procrastinate and the baby just went down for a nap.  But, as life does, it changes in a second and as soon as I opened the editor, he woke up and is now fussing... while I watch on the baby cam and hope he falls back into a much, much needed sleep.  (He's a sleep fighter!  His personality is quite rebellious... even to himself.  Gee, where does he get that?  It's certainly not in his genes.... la la la).

Diet Coke in hand, hoping a caffeine kick will show up.  I have nothing in particular I feel like talking about, although I have plenty on my mind.  Do you all know who Candace Owens is?  I love her. I just watched a clip she put on social media that made me laugh... she's 9 months pregnant, due any day now and she was in the kitchen, making her husband a sandwich.  She told him to film it because she knew that would piss some people off.  Where else would a wife be?  But in the kitchen... making her husband a sandwich... and she's 9 months pregnant.  Bah ha ha.  Love her sense of humor.

I have things. to. do.

But do I want to do them?  Any of them? NOT ONE LITTLE BIT.

Thus, me grabbing a Diet Coke and coming here to procrastinate.  But the little man is still fussing and will only go back to sleep if I'm standing right next to him so he can hold my finger.  So... I'm off to stand over the side of a baby crib, my arm hanging down into it, falling asleep, while I try to rest my head on the edge of an uncomfortable railing and I shift my weight from leg to leg waiting for his eyes to stay closed after I carefully try to wrench my finger out of his grasp once he drifts.

A losing battle on my part because not only is he rebellious and a vicious sleep fighter, but he's a light sleeper (cough cough) so he wakes at the slightest noise or disruption.  Hmm don't know who also sleeps like that????

Love this woman... Personally I'd love to see she and Condoleezza Rice run for President/Vice President.  What a power house of intelligence, strength, common sense and leadership that would be! 

   Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation

Sassy and funny but smart and not afraid to tell you what they think...  coffee while watching these two is always a hoot.

  Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can't Ditch and Switch? -- The Awakening of Diamond and Silk

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